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Chrome extension for a slightly better Twitter
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Better Bird

For a slightly better Twitter

This Google Chrome extension will:

  • Move content (timeline) to the left-hand side and the dashboard stuff to the right.
  • Expose your @mentions and saved searches in the dashboard.
  • Expand shortened URLs wherever possible, so you know where you are actually clicking.
  • Speaking of which, there is no need to redirect through or, now is there?
  • Widen the layout, and optionally use a nicer font (Georgia), which makes glib bullsh*t seem 0.1% more literary.

The stable release is in the Chrome Web Store.

Uses the lovely Twitter icons from Design Junction.

If you feel like playing with the latest, possibly unstable update:

Download as a .zip or pull with Git.

In Chrome, under Tools > Extensions there is a checkbox for “Developer mode” in the upper right. This will allow you to “Load unpacked extension...” from a local folder. Select BetterBird/src.

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