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Sistema em Django que cria interface mobile para a grade de programação do FISL, mas que pode ser facilmente adaptado para uso em outros eventos.
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What is gradefisl?

gradefisl is a Django powered website that creates a mobile interface to the FISL programme. gradefisl can be used with another events that uses papers-ng software.

gradefisl é um sistema em Django que cria interface mobile para a grade de programação do FISL, mas que pode ser utilizado com qualquer outro evento que utilize o software papers-ng para organizar a grade de programação.

Access a demo at

Installation instructions


  • django-debug-toolbar>=0.8.5
  • django-dtpanel-htmltidy>=0.1.1
  • django-social-auth>=0.3.20
  • python-twitter>=0.8.2
  • oauth2>=1.5.170
  • django-nose>=0.1.3
  • rednose>=0.2.4

You can install these packages using easy_install or PIP.

Run and develop!

Rename the file to

To create your database, execute the command:

python2 syncdb 

So start a development server:

python2 runserver

Access in your browser to populate the database. It will take some time... be patient! After it, access to navigate on the system.


MIT License

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