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This is a Webextension which enables websites to be loaded over the dat:// protocol on Firefox. It uses the libdweb protocol handler to register the dat:// protocol, and polyfills for node's net and dgram APIs using libdweb's TCPSocket and UDPSocket in order to bundle the dat network implementation with the extension. More on how this works in this post

Try it out

Install dependencies and build:

npm install
npm run build

Run with web-ext (requires Firefox Developer Edition or Firefox Nightly installed):

npm run start

or, run in an existing firefox profile:

  • Disable the content sandbox (required for experimental APIs): In about:config, set the security.sandbox.content.level pref to 2.
  • Go to about:debugging
  • Select 'Load Temporary Add-on', and select addon/manifest.json from this repository.



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