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Consent-management browser extension
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Welcome to more privacy control

re:consent allows you to view and change the consent you have given to websites for data processing. It works for websites that adhere to the IAB's Transparency & Consent Framework, as well as for Google and Facebook. re:consent offers more control over your direct interaction with websites making it a smart addition to third-party tracking protection powered by Cliqz. Learn more on

re:consent is available in the Cliqz Browser, and for Firefox and Chrome

Supported Consent Management Platforms

The extension works by looking for third-party consent management platforms in visited pages. Currently the extension supports the following platforms:

Additionally Supported Services

  • Google
  • Facebook


The extension is implemented as a WebExtension. It is dockerized and can be built with the following command:

docker-compose run --rm re-consent npm run build

It creates a new folder called build which contains the zipped extension. The extension can then be loaded via the about:debugging page in Firefox and via the chrome://extensions page in Chrome. For more information on how to install the extension follow this tutorial:


We recommend using Docker also during development. You can start the build watcher (webpack) as well as the storybook (for documenting UI components) by the following command:

docker-compose up

Point the extension directory in Firefox/ Chrome to the build/src folder. The styleguide is available on localhost:9009

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