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Proposal/Idea Due: July 31, 2018


Consultations are optional sessions that give you a chance to look at a particular question that you want to solve locally. Consultants are E-Research faculty and associated experts such as CLIR/ DLF postdoctoral fellows in Data Curation or former E-Research participants. The level of each consultation is dependent on which areas of research data management or digital scholarship an institution identifies, but sessions are limited to an hour. We have outlined the current options for these optional consults below.

  • Workshop a document. Your team provides a document that can be reviewed ahead of time: this might be something for public consumption, like an MoU template, a deposit agreement, or a typical DMP. The consultant reviews the document and schedules an hour-long call to discuss the document.

  • Facilitate a discussion. Your team puts together a set of questions or a problem that you’d like to explore with an outside mediator/guide, and provide information on who will be invited to the consultation. This discussion takes place during an hour-long call, with time reserved for prep ahead of the meeting.

  • Critique an interface or piece of documentation. Your team provides links to something that needs an outside eye. This might be a repository interface, a website that explains services, or a piece of internally-focused workflow documentation. The consultant reviews the links and provides feedback during an hour-long call.


Please choose one of the options above and let us know of your interest by July 31, 2018. We will work to match people with the consultants so that we have time for the consults in August, September, and October 2018.

[Optional] Submit feedback and brief consult description to CLIR ERN OSF instance at

  • Save the file with the following convention [consultation]-[institution-name].[file-extension]
  • Add the file to appropriate assignment folder in this assignment-submissions folder
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