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A library that reads and writes Clojure, ClojureScript and EDN from Clojure and ClojureScript in a whitespace and comment preserving way.


Rewrite-clj v1 has been successfully and widely adopted.

Used In…​

Some projects using rewrite-clj v1

  • ancient-clj πŸ₯ - Version Metadata Retrieval for Maven Artifacts

  • antq πŸ₯ - Point out your outdated dependencies

  • babashka πŸ“ - Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting

  • carve πŸ₯ - Carve out the essentials of your Clojure app

  • classpath πŸ“ - Classpath/classloader/deps.edn related utilities

  • clerk πŸ₯ - Local-First Notebooks for Clojure

  • cljfmt πŸ₯ - A tool for formatting Clojure code

  • cljstyle πŸ₯ - A tool for formatting Clojure code

  • clojure-lsp πŸ₯ - Language Server (LSP) for Clojure

  • duck-repled πŸ“ - Transform your REPL interation into Pathom queries

  • kit πŸ“ - Lightweight, modular framework for scalable web development in Clojure

  • kusonga πŸ₯ - Renaming and moving namespaces in Clojure(script)

  • refactor-nrepl πŸ₯ - nREPL middleware to support refactorings in an editor agnostic way

  • reval πŸ₯ -reproduceable eval - namespace eval and storage with browser ui

  • rewrite-edn πŸ₯ - Utility lib on top of rewrite-clj with common operations to update EDN while preserving whitespace and comments

  • rich-comment-tests πŸ₯ - Turns rich comment forms into tests

  • test-doc-blocks πŸ₯ - Test AsciiDoc and CommonMark code blocks found in articles and docstrings

  • umschreiben-clj πŸ₯ - Rewrite utilities for refactoring clojure files

  • zprint πŸ₯ - Executables, uberjar, and library to beautifully format Clojure and Clojurescript source code and s-expressions

Some projects using rewrite-clj v0 and/or rewrite-cljs

  • depot πŸ₯ 🩹 - Find newer versions of your dependencies in your deps.edn file

  • confair πŸ“ - A configuration library for Clojure

  • gen-fn πŸ“ - Generate Datomic function literals from regular Clojure namespaces

  • kibit πŸ₯ - There’s a function for that!

  • lein-ancient πŸ₯ - Check your Projects for outdated Dependencies

  • mranderson πŸ₯ - Dependency inlining and shadowing

  • mutant πŸ₯ - Mutation testing for Clojure

  • repl-tooling πŸ“ - a base package for Clojure’s editor tooling

  • update-leiningen-dependencies-skill πŸ“ - Track project.clj dependencies across different projects

Have an update? Let us know!

πŸ₯ canary tested against rewrite-clj v1 lib test suite
🩹 source required minor change to work with rewrite-clj v1
πŸ“ no easy-peasy way to run automated unit tests found for this project


Rewrite-clj versioning scheme is: major.minor.release-test-qualifier

  • major increments when a non alpha release API has been broken - something, as a rule, we’d like to avoid.

  • minor increments to convey significant new features have been added.

  • release indicates small changes or bug fixes - starting with v1.1, it is the rewrite-clj release count over the life of rewrite-clj.

  • test-qualifier is absent for stable releases. Can be alpha, beta, rc1, etc.


A big thank you to all the people who have contributed to rewrite-clj!


We honor the original MIT license from rewrite-clj v0.

Code has been merged/adapted from: