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This repo contains the code for:


To build the LSP server:

To use the LSP with Visual Studio Code:

  • Visual Studo Code
    • On Ubuntu Linux: sudo snap install code --classic
  • npm
    • On Ubuntu Linux: sudo apt install npm


Project automation is done using babashka tasks.


To build the server, run this script from the root directory of this repo:

bb vscode-server

This will copy the uberjar to the vscode-extension directory.

VSCode extension

Enter the vscode-extension directory:

cd vscode-extension

To intall the dependencies, run:

npm install

While still in the vscode-extension directory, start VSCode with the following command:

code .

In the VSCode window that appears, press F5 or choose menu item Run -> Start Debugging. This should cause another VSCode window to appear. The first VSCode window that appears does not have access to the clj-kondo.lsp LSP server, but the second one does.

In the second VSCode window, open a Clojure file with suffix .clj and you will get diagnostic feedback.

Near the bottom left of the window should appear two icons with numbers to the right of each one. The first icon looks like a circle with an X inside of it, indicating errors, and the second icon looks like a triangle with a ! inside of it, indicating warnings. If you click on one of these icons, it causes a separate window pane containing details of the errors and warnings to appear (clicking the icons when this window pane is visible causes the pane to disappear). Inside of that pane, clicking on a line describing a warning or error causes the main window pane containing your code to jump to the relevant line of code.


Copyright © 2019-2022 Michiel Borkent

Distributed under the EPL License, same as Clojure. See LICENSE.