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Talk Ideas

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Putting your name next to it doesn't mean you'll talk about it. They're just subject you would like to hear more about. Plus, it'll give me visibility of which people are interested in what.

  • Bayan Khalili - Atoms
  • Bayan Khalili - Refs
  • Bayan Khalili - Datomic
  • Daniel Treacy - Immutability for real world applications
  • Steve Buikhuizen - show me the idiom (group review of newbie code snippets)
  • Steve Buikhuizen - lein 1.x -> lein 2.0 - what's great about it?
  • Steve Buikhuizen - dev workflow trick sharing session (vim, emacs & ccw)
  • Dane Schneider - Examples of projects and tasks that clojure is particularly well suited for
  • Leonardo Borges - Macros in the real world
  • Leonardo Borges - Cascalog
  • Leonardo Borges - Monads
  • Leonardo Borges - Om/React
  • Mark Rickerby - Overtone, music synthesis in clj
  • Joao Salcedo - Light Table
  • Michael Shaw - Macros
  • Michael Shaw - Datomic
  • Dave Sann - If anyone is using Pallet, I am interested in a talk (or talks) on this - both for local dev and test deployment (e.g. virtualbox) and for staging and prod.
  • Tim McGilchrist - Lenses with some real world code.
  • Tim McGilchrist - Functional Reactive Programming
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