Who is using clojure in australia

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Here’s a list of people using Clojure in production down under. At least the ones we’ve heard of.

Feel free to edit the page and add your story. Alternatively, just send it to me – leonardoborges.rj@gmail.com – and I’ll happily add it here.

Your name/company name Website Using Clojure for? Extras (project description, wiki page etc…)
Michael Neale – CloudBees http://developer.cloudbees.com lots of small services, utilities https://github.com/michaelneale/lein-cloudbees https://github.com/michaelneale/pingtown (just the public visible ones). Also – I work from here, but we aren’t really an .au company.
Leonardo Borges – ThoughtWorks http://www.thoughtworks.com micro services Limited use at Mi9 ’s back-end for the Jump-In mobile app
Leonardo Borges, Korny Sietsma – ThoughtWorks http://www.thoughtworks.com micro services, web apps micro services, web apps at IOOF
Yair Iny, Brendan Bates @ ICM Consulting Pty Ltd http://www.icm-consulting.com.au All greenfield web and service projects Clojure + Ember Tutorials
+ some small (publicly available) libraries:
Leader guarantee
Claudio Natoli – ROKT http://www.rokt.com analytics, micro services, misc small utilities Data-analysis with R and Redshift
Leonardo Borges – Atlassian https://www.atlassian.com/ realtime data synchronisation