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Running cljdoc locally


If you are a developer wanting to contribute to cljdoc itself, you'll want to run cljdoc locally from source.

If you are a library author only interested in verifying that your your docs look good before pushing, you can also run locally from source, but you might opt to instead run cljdoc locally from docker.

Run cljdoc Locally from Source

Setup cljdoc

  1. Clone cljdoc

    git clone
    cd cljdoc/
  2. Build the Javascript files used by the cljdoc pages:

    npm ci                 # reproducibly install packages into node_modules
    npm run format         # format JS code with Prettier
    npm run build          # production build

    Check that resources-compiled folder was generated.

    If you are a developer planning to work on JS files, instead of npm run build run dev:

    npm ci                 # reproducibly install packages into node_modules
    npm run format         # format JS code with Prettier
    npm run dev            # watch mode
  3. Start the cljdoc server

    ./script/cljdoc run

    Note: This will start the cljdoc server process, requiring you to open another shell for the following steps.

    Alternatively you can start a REPL with clj (or your favorite editor integration), then load the system, move into its namespace and start the server:

    (require '[cljdoc.server.system])
    (in-ns 'cljdoc.server.system)
    (require '[integrant.repl])
    (integrant.repl/set-prep! #(system-config (cfg/config)))
  4. (Optional) Run tests using Kaocha:

    clj -A:test

Import a Project from Local Sources

Here we use the popular muuntaja project to illustrate how to build docs from a local jar and git repository. It's not a bad idea to actually go through these steps as a sanity test before mapping this knowledge onto your own project.

  1. Clone muuntaja to a directory of your liking and install it into your local Maven repo:

    git clone --branch 0.6.1
    cd muuntaja/
    scripts/lein-modules install

    Tip: You can checkout a different specific release version instead of 0.6.1. When you do so, remember to change the version number in the command in the next step.

    Tip: installing to your local maven repo will vary by build tech (leiningen, boot, tools deps). The scripts/lein-modules install command is appropriate for muuntaja, be sure to use the appropriate command for your project.

  2. Analyze and ingest your project into the cljdoc system:

    cd cljdoc/
    ./script/cljdoc ingest -p metosin/muuntaja -v 0.6.1 --git /path/to/muuntaja/repo

    Or, if you want to specify the jar, pom, git repo and revision explicitly:

    cd cljdoc/
    ./script/cljdoc ingest -p metosin/muuntaja \
                           -v 0.6.1 \
                           --jar ~/.m2/repository/metosin/muuntaja/0.6.1/muuntaja-0.6.1.jar \
                           --pom ~/.m2/repository/metosin/muuntaja/0.6.1/muuntaja-0.6.1.pom \
                           --git /path/to/muuntaja/repo \
                           --rev "master"

    Tip: Run ./script/cljdoc ingest --help for details on all ingest command line options.

    Note: For Git-based changes to take effect, you need to commit them locally so there is a revision that the repo can be analysed at. This can be done in a branch, if you don't want to pollute your master.

  3. Open the docs for muuntaja on the local cljdoc server: http://localhost:8000/d/metosin/muuntaja

Run cljdoc Locally from docker

The cljdoc docker image can be used to run cljdoc locally without building it yourself. We'll use the muuntaja project to illustrate how this works.

  1. Follow step 1 from import a project from local sources.

  2. Make a directory in which the cljdoc sqlite database will be persisted, e.g. /tmp/cljdoc

  3. Ingest the library into the cljdoc sqlite database:

    docker run --rm -v /path/to/muuntaja/repo:/muuntaja \
      -v "$HOME/.m2:/root/.m2" -v /tmp/cljdoc:/app/data --entrypoint "clojure" \
      cljdoc/cljdoc -A:cli ingest -p metosin/muuntaja -v 0.6.1 \
      --git /muuntaja
  4. Run the web server:

    docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 -v /tmp/cljdoc:/app/data cljdoc/cljdoc

  5. Open the docs for muuntaja on the local cljdoc server running on docker: http://localhost:8000/d/metosin/muuntaja/0.6.1/doc/readme

Example scripts to preview docs locally using docker before publishing:

Thats pretty much it! Stop by on Slack if you have any problems. πŸ‘‹

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