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fix bug causing the server to try to render docs for unbuilt projects

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martinklepsch committed Mar 5, 2019
1 parent c9c2ecd commit 61a85de590f7b471dc6f9bc82dd736618388d003
Showing with 8 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +8 −8 src/cljdoc/server/pedestal.clj
@@ -100,23 +100,23 @@
:group/index (index-pages/group-index (-> ctx :request :path-params) (::releases ctx))
:cljdoc/index (index-pages/full-index (::releases ctx)))))])

(def ^:private pom-path
[:cache-bundle :version :pom])

(defn artifact-data-loader
"Return an interceptor that loads all data from `store` that is
relevant for the artifact identified via the entity map in `:path-params`."
{:name ::artifact-data-loader
:enter (fn artifact-data-loader-inner [ctx]
(let [params (-> ctx :request :path-params)
pom-data (get-in ctx pom-path)
pom-data (::pom-info ctx)
bundle-params (assoc params :dependency-version-entities (:dependencies pom-data))]
(log/info "Loading artifact cache bundle for" params)
(log/info "Loading artifact cache bundle for" params (:cache-bundle ctx))
(if (storage/exists? store params)
(-> ctx
(assoc :cache-bundle (storage/bundle-docs store bundle-params))
(assoc-in pom-path pom-data))
;; Injecting things into the cache bundle like this is a bit of a hack and really
;; we should have one entry point that takes care of all the data sources that
;; contribute to the cache bundle.
(assoc-in [:cache-bundle :version :pom] pom-data))

(defn pom-loader
@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@
pom-parsed (pom/parse (pom-xml-memo
(util/clojars-id params)
(:version params)))]
(assoc-in ctx pom-path {:description (-> pom-parsed pom/artifact-info :description)
:dependencies (-> pom-parsed pom/dependencies-with-versions)})))})
(assoc ctx ::pom-info {:description (-> pom-parsed pom/artifact-info :description)
:dependencies (-> pom-parsed pom/dependencies-with-versions)})))})

(defn- resolve-version [path-params referer]
(assert (= "CURRENT" (:version path-params)))

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