ClojureScript website
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An upcoming website for ClojureScript at


Make an awesome website for ClojureScript. Right now the project mostly consists of a cheatsheet (screenshot below), and the long-term plan is to have a catchy homepage, tutorials, ClojureScript-specific docs, etc.

Development Setup

  1. Install Java (JRE >= 7), Leiningen, and Node.js.

  2. Run from the project directory:

    # install node.js dependencies
    npm install
    # compile LESS file
    # compile ClojureScript files (this may take a minute)
    lein do clean, cljsbuild once
    # copy the example config file (edit as needed)
    cp example.config.json config.json
    # start the node.js server
    node app.js


All code licensed under the terms of the MIT License.