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@@ -51,6 +51,17 @@ understanding of evaluation context semantics.
Thanks also to Matthias Felleisen and Matthew Flatt for
helpful discussions of the work.
+@section[#:tag "sec:url" #:style (style #f '(hidden unnumbered))]{}
+@(element (style "paragraph" '()) '(""))
+A version of this paper can be found online at:
+That web page contains
+@(if extended-version?
+ @list{a version of the paper with a complete proof of the theorem}
+ @list{the final version of the paper as it appears in the proceedings})
+and the Redex models for all of the figures in this paper.
@section[#:tag "sec:pre-appendix" #:style (style #f '(hidden unnumbered))]{}

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