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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
name = Amkoe
hid = huc
level = language
iso639-3 = huc
latitude = -23.93447
longitude = 24.69828
macroareas =
countries =
Botswana (BW)
glottolog =
lgcode =
hua AND khoisan
comment = The /=Hoan language of Botswana was discovered by Anthony Traill in the early
(**hh:w:Traill:N4orS7**, **hh:hv:Traill:Koon**) and has recently been shown
(**hh:hv:HeineHonken:Kxa**) to be related to the Ju-dialect cluster
(also known as North Khoisan). ISO 693-3 has a /=Hua [huc]
entry which has information (e.g., speaker number, grammatical characteristics)
that matches the /=Hoan language as well as information (e.g., the
classification, the name) that matches
(**hh:typdial:Naumann:Taa**) a far eastern variety of the Taa dialect chain
which is not intelligible with the westernmost end of that chain
(represented in ISO 693-3 as !Xóõ [nmn]). The present-day location of both
languages is the same (**hh:soc:GerlachBerthold:Hoan**) which might have lead to
the confusion. Two entries are needed, one for the eastern dialect of Taa and
one for the (entirely different)
/=Hoan language, but ISO 693-3 has a merged entry, so one is missing from ISO
693-3 (and the merged entry should be corrected accordingly). See also: East Taa
isohid = huc
comment_type = Missing
ethnologue_versions = ISO 693-3
sub = **hh:hv:HeineHonken:Kxa**
subrefs =
endangeredlanguages = 594
status = moribund
source = ElCat
date = 2017-08-19T08:16:16
comment = ǂHoan (594-huc) = Severely Endangered (60 percent certain, based on the evidence available)
hhbib_lgcode =
Eastern Hoa