Without needing to checkout destination, git-forward-merge <source> <destination> merges source into destination branch
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Copyright 2014 Schuyler Duveen and Ram Rachum Adapted from Ram Rachum's git-cascade python code at https://github.com/cool-RR/git-cascade

Released under the MIT license (from Ram), and the GPL 2.0 and later versions (to match with git)

This command was written in order to solve an annoyance with the built-in git merge. The annoying thing about git merge is that if one wants to merge branch foo into branch bar, one first needs to check out branch bar, and only then merge foo into it. This can become a drag, especially when having an unclean working tree.

Enter git forward-merge. All pushes done with it work regardless of which branch is currently checked out and which files are in the working tree.

Push branch foo into bar:

git forward-merge foo bar

Push current branch/commit into bar:

git forward-merge bar

How does it work?

git forward-merge creates a temporary git index file and working directory to be used only for the merge, without interfering with the actual index file and working directory. (Unless the merge is a fast-forward, in which case the merge is done trivially by a local push.)


git forward-merge works only when the merge can be done automatically. It doesn't work for merges that require conflict resolution. For that, please resort to using git merge.

If you do attempt a merge that requires conflict resolution, git forward-merge will abort the merge and leave your working directory clean, UNLESS the branch you're merging to is the current branch, in which case it will leave the merge in the working directory for you to resolve the conflict and commit, just like git merge.

Future TODOs

  • maybe have a switch so that if there is a conflict you would keep the dir and then have another switch to say 'use this dir for the conflict resolutions'
  • merge switches: -m, merge strategies?