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TailwindCSS Docs Workflow for Alfred

An ultra-fast TailwindCSS docs search workflow for Alfred 4

Adapted from Alfred VueJS Docs, which is adapted from Alfred Laravel Docs, Thanks Till Krüss!



macOS Monterey: PHP is no longer shipped with macOS, before attempting to use this workflow ensure you have installed the php binary via Homebrew.

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install the workflow by double-clicking the .alfredworkflow file
  3. You can add the workflow to a category, then click "Import" to finish importing. You'll now see the workflow listed in the left sidebar of your Workflows preferences pane.


To search the v3 docs, just type tw followed by your search query.

tw <query>

To search the v2 docs, just type tw2 followed by your search query.

tw2 <query>

To search the v1 docs, just type tw1 followed by your search query.

tw1 <query>

To search the v0 docs, just type tw0 followed by your search query.

tw0 <query>

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