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Firefox OS Stumbler for Mozilla
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Firefox OS client for Mozilla Location Service.

This application uses phone APIs only available to certified apps for the moment (WifiManager, MobileConnection). And “the marketplace can not distribute apps that use certified APIs”. So you will have to install it by hand on a developer phone.


You can either just download and extract the archive, or clone the repository :

mkdir FxStumbler
cd FxStumbler
curl -O


git clone
cd FxStumbler
make all

Then create a new packaged app into the App Manager, and install the application on your phone. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enable remote debugging on your phone.


Main actions

  • Get infos: get current location, cell and Wifi informations and perform the action selected in the options (default is to push to the Web service);
  • Start Monitoring: perform the above action every time location or mobile cell information change;
  • Get my position query the Web service to get current position according to mobile cells and wifi networks nearby;
  • Clear log: clear the log window;


Collected information can by stored in a local database and sent to the server later. You can display the full content of the database (warning, a huge JSON array), send it or clear all records.


  • Geoloc: how to get current location: GPS or by using another app;
  • Action: send data immediately, store them in local database or do nothing;
  • Username: if you want your name in the hall of fame;
  • geoloc: allow to fine tune geolocation options;
  • min accuracy: data will be ignored if accuracy of geoloc is more than this value (aka if geoloc is not accurate enough);
  • min distance: when watching position change, will only store new data if distance from previous measure is more than this value, in meter, or if accuracy is 20% better;
  • map type: displaying hundred of measurements on map may take a lot of time. By choosing compact, the markers will be grouped on the map;
  • Log level: verbosity of logs;

Troubleshooting GeoLocation

On my Keon, geolocation seems very inaccurate. So I added the ability to select current location on a map with a custom Web Activity. To use it, you need to install another application which implements clochix.geoloc Web Activity (see my hereIam application) and check the "Ask" radio button. In this mode, monitoring of position changes is currently disabled;

Release notes

  • [2014-10-29]

    • use system language as default
  • [2014-10-22]

    • allow to reload data saved in files
    • bumped version du 0.3
  • [2014-10-20]

    • add an option to compress data before sending, Refs #15
    • bumped version du 0.2
  • [2014-08-24]

    • fix dual-SIM support
  • [2014-02-03]

    • add some statistics
  • [2014-02-01]

    • allow to display data in storage on a map
  • [2014-01-19]

    • use bigger buttons;
    • add options: minimal accuracy and minimal distance between 2 measures;
    • options should be saved;
    • logs are now hidden by default;
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