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+This describes the production deployment on It's aimed
+at the maintainers. You might find it interesting if
+you're trying to run your own repository though.
+There's a user "clojars" which runs all the clojars webapp bits. The
+repository lives in `/home/clojars/repo`.
+We always run two instances of the webapp: `clojars` and
+`clojars-backup`. They're started by Upstart as defined in:
+ /etc/init/clojars.conf
+ /etc/init/clojars-backup.conf
+The nginx configuration will try to direct all requests to `clojars` and
+only if it's down use `clojars-backup`. There's a basic TCP load
+balancer "balance" which does the same thing for the nailgun port for
+the scp access.
+The reason for running two instances is:
+1. It allows us to have outage-free deploys (sessions aren't persisted
+ at the moment so logged in users will get kicked out though).
+2. When deploying, `clojars-backup` is deployed first so that you can do
+ a last minute sanity test on that the
+ release built correctly and is working in the production environment.
+3. Failover in case anything goes wrong with the primary instance. I'm
+ in the habit of this from badly-behaved Java applications with
+ massive GC pauses, deadlocks etc but Clojars tends to be pretty
+ stable.
+As the server's MOTD says, the release process is:
+ sudo -iu clojars deploy-clojars $GIT_TAG
+That's just a simple shell script `~clojars/bin/deploy-clojars` which:
+1. Checks out the given tag into a fresh directory.'
+2. Runs the tests and ensures they pass.
+3. Creates a release jar with `lein uberjar`
+4. Copies the uberjar into `~clojars/releases`
+5. Updates the symlink `~clojars/releases/clojars-web-current.jar`
+6. Restarts `clojars-backup`
+It will then ask you to do any last minute testing and then you can
+run "sudo restart clojars" yourself to update the primary webapp
+1. Point `clojars-web-current.jar` symlink back to the previous
+ version:
+ sudo -u clojars ln -sf clojars-web-0.8.1-standalone.jar ~clojars/releases/clojars-web-current.jar
+2. Restart the backup instance.
+ sudo restart clojars-backup
+3. Wait until clojars-backup has started up to avoid outages.
+4. Restart the primary instance (if you need to):
+ sudo restart clojars
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