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Clojars provides a couple of data feeds which you might find useful.


Restful API provides few endpoints which can be used to retrieve data for users, groups and artifacts. The API supports multiple output formats which can be selected using request’s Accept-header.

curl -H "Accept: application/edn"


Format Content-type
JSON (default) application/json
EDN application/edn
YAML application/x-yaml
Transit application/transit+json



Group’s artifacts:{{group_name}}



Note that the download counts provided by the API are calculated once daily, at 07:00 UTC.

JSON search results

Tack &format=json on the end of the normal search URL to get a JSON version of the results.

List of POM files

It looks like this:


List of jars and versions (in Leiningen syntax)

It looks like this:

[compojure "0.3.2"]
[compojure "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]
[concurrent "1.3.4"]

Useful extracts from the POMs

The format is Clojure maps, one per line. It looks like this:

{:versions ["1.1.0" "1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"], :scm {:connection "scm:git:git://", :developer-connection "scm:git:ssh://", :tag "da6cb50944ba95940559a249c9659f71747312fb", :url ""}, :description "Swank server connecting Clojure to Emacs SLIME", :artifact-id "swank-clojure", :group-id "swank-clojure"}
{:versions ["1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"], :scm {:connection "scm:git:git://", :developer-connection "scm:git:ssh://", :tag "0afe7de60218d2a7fbf5ddd510a3644350b06cf6", :url ""}, :description "TJP Extensions for Clojure", :artifact-id "tjpext", :group-id "tjpext"}

Lucene index of Maven artifacts

Generated by the Nexus Indexer. This should be usable by M2eclipse, Netbeans, Nexus etc for searching jars.

See Sonatype’s blog post for more about how to use this.

Rsync the whole Classic repository

If you want an offline copy of the entire repository, you can grab it, or update it with rsync:

rsync -av my-wonderful-copy-of-clojars

Note that the Classic repository should be a superset of the Releases repository.

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