Lean compilation

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Lein-droid supports lean compilation mode via Project Skummet. This gives much faster load time and smaller APK size/memory footprint for your Clojure-Android applications.


Insert the following profile into :profiles map of your project.clj:

 {:dependencies ^:replace [[org.skummet/clojure "1.7.0-r1"]
                           [neko/neko "4.0.0-alpha5"]]
  :exclusions [[org.clojure/clojure]
  :jvm-opts ["-Dclojure.compile.ignore-lean-classes=true"]
  :global-vars ^:replace {clojure.core/*warn-on-reflection* true}
  :android {:lean-compile true
            :proguard-execute true
            :proguard-conf-path "build/proguard-minify.cfg"}}]

Latest Skummet version:


Here we define a new profile called :lean that inherits from :release profile. It replaces the dependency list with the one having a special Skummet dependency. The following :exclusions make sure that regular Clojure does not get included from dependencies. :jvm-opts line is just necessary. :globar-vars is added here because *warn-on-reflection* Var has to be namespace-qualified with Skummet. :lean-compile parameter is also just necessary. :proguard-... options enable Proguard which reduces the APK size and memory footprint.

NB: To use Proguard you must have exactly JDK7 installed. JDK8 is not supported by Proguard.

After you include and customize this profile, you can build your application with:

lein with-profile lean do clean, droid doall


There is an example of Skummet usage in the sample project.

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