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Neko: The Clojure/Android Toolkit

Neko is a toolkit designed to make Android development using Clojure easier and more fun. It accomplishes this by making adding Clojure support to your Android project easy and providing functional wrappers and alternatives to Android’s Java API.

Neko was originally written by Daniel Solano Gómez. This version is a fork by Alexander Yakushev as part of Google Summer of Code 2012/2013 participation project.


Just add the following line to the dependencies of your Clojure/Android project:

If you use lein-droid to create and build your project (which you should), the Neko dependency will already be there.


For your first dive into Clojure on Android development, see this Tutorial.

For detailed information on available features and utilities, please consult the wiki.

Marginalia docs are available here.

How to build Neko yourself

If you want to modify/extend Neko source code and then use it in your applications, you can build it yourself. Use lein droid jar in neko’s directory to create a JAR file which then can be pushed to Clojars under your name or installed into a local Maven repo.

Make sure that :target-version defined in project.clj matches the Android SDK version you have installed.

If you have problems building Neko, try running lein clean first. Also you can use DEBUG=1 lein droid jar for additional build information.


I thank Remco van ‘t Veer for his clj-android library which was one of the pioneer attempts to bring Clojure to Android development. Some features in my Neko fork are inspired by ideas from his project.

I also thank all the contributors to Neko.

Legal information

Copyright © 2011-2013 Sattvik Software & Technology Resources, Ltd. Co., Alexander Yakushev

All rights reserved.

Licensed under Eclipse Public License v1.0. See LICENSE.

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