Is it possible to use ac-nrepl with ritz? #32

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Hi purcell, I use your emacs.d for setting up clojure developing environment and it is awesome :-)
Recently I find ritz is powerful and maybe a good enhencement of nrepl.
The problem is after I use nrepl-ritz-jack-in, ac-nrepl do not work.
But, after I start a new server by nrepl-jack-in and switch back to the ritz server buffer, ac-nrepl partially works(e.g. popup the choice list but not consist of all candidates).
So, I wander is it possible to use ac-nrepl with ritz?

purcell commented Apr 30, 2013

I haven't used ritz before.

Does it help if you then evaluate (with M-:) this expression:



No, got the message: "Symbol's value as variable is void: ac-nrepl-setup".
Only ac-nrepl-popup-doc (C-c C-d) works.

purcell commented May 1, 2013

Did you enter the parentheses? Here's what you should type:

M-: RET (ac-nrepl-setup) RET

Got message: "(ac-source-nrepl-static-methods ac-source-nrepl-java-methods ac-source-nrepl-all-classes ac-source-nrepl-ns-classes ac-source-nrepl-vars ac-source-nrepl-ns ac-source-imenu ac-source-dictionary ac-source-words-in-buffer ac-source-words-in-same-mode-buffers ac-source-words-in-all-buffer ac-source-filename ac-source-files-in-current-dir)" in *Pp Eval Output*.
But still the same.
For example, I type def and TAB got a lot of candidates like defun and define-key;
Typing part can got nothing.

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