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Clojure 1.10 breaks stacktrace handling reporting #549

slipset opened this Issue Oct 12, 2018 · 1 comment


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slipset commented Oct 12, 2018

Using Cider with Clojure-1.10 gives:

ardoq.api.survey-api> (let [2])
Syntax error macroexpanding clojure.core/let at (*cider-repl*:7015:23).
[2] - failed: even-number-of-forms? at: [:bindings] spec: :clojure.core.specs.alpha/bindings
14715723 [clojure-agent-send-off-pool-28] ERROR [] - Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:op stacktrace, :pprint-fn clojure.pprint/pprint, :print-length 50, :print-level 50, :session 8442d3d0-9a9d-43d6-8693-bdde270bd4e8, :id 237} 
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
	at clojure.string$replace_first.invokeStatic(string.clj:165) ~[clojure-1.10.0-RC1.jar:na]
	at clojure.string$replace_first.invoke(string.clj:138) ~[clojure-1.10.0-RC1.jar:na]
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.stacktrace$relative_path.invokeStatic(stacktrace.clj:204) ~[na:na]
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.stacktrace$relative_path.invoke(stacktrace.clj:198) ~[na:na]
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.stacktrace$extract_location.invokeStatic(stacktrace.clj:219) ~[na:na]

According to @puredanger

Before you would have gotten the spec ExceptionInfo. Now you should get a CompilerException
wrapping that ExceptionInfo. It looks like the error is in parsing the location out of the message
(which is probably missing now as that's built later). The top-level CompilerException now
has an ex-data that reports the line number directly so no parsing is needed.

So if the code first looked for ex-data with source/line/col info then fell back to string parsing,
that would work for both:

user=> (let [2])
Syntax error macroexpanding clojure.core/let at (1:1). Cause: Call to clojure.core/let did not conform to spec.
[2] - failed: even-number-of-forms? at: [:bindings] spec: :clojure.core.specs.alpha/bindings
user=> (ex-data *e)
#:clojure.error{:line 1, :column 1, :phase :macroexpand, :source "NO_SOURCE_PATH", :symbol clojure.core/let}

^^ can just use (-> *e ex-data :clojure.error/line) now to grab the line, etc

Which would be a change somewhere around

@slipset slipset changed the title Clojure 1.10 breaks error reporting Clojure 1.10 breaks stacktrace handling reporting Oct 12, 2018

slipset added a commit to slipset/cider-nrepl that referenced this issue Oct 12, 2018

slipset added a commit to slipset/cider-nrepl that referenced this issue Oct 15, 2018

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this in c6e13aa Oct 15, 2018


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jconti commented Dec 18, 2018

Clojure 1.10 has been released and 0.18.0 has this problem.

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