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CIDER Roadmap (as of June, 2018)

That's a very high-level roadmap for CIDER. It focuses on the most important challenges we need to tackle.

It's meant to give users a general idea about the direction we envision for the project's future, and collaborators a good list of high-impact tasks to tackle.

Major Missing Features

Internal improvements

Better ClojureScript support

Make it easier to start ClojureScript REPLs

  • Implement some deps injection for ClojureScript REPLs
  • Providing meaningful errors when starting ClojureScript REPLs. (DONE/0.17)
  • Make it possible to have a project with only a ClojureScript REPL.(DONE/0.18)
  • Merge cljs-tooling into orchard and evolve it a bit (under consideration, might be better to keep it a separate library).
  • Add ability to restart a ClojureScript REPL (

Add ClojureScript support for more commands

  • clojure.test
  • tracing

Always show meaningful errors if a command is not supported under ClojureScript

Right now it's very confusing if you try to run a Clojure-only command with a ClojureScript REPL. You'd get some really weird error instead of something nice like "command X is not supported for ClojureScript".

Add debugging support for ClojureScript

There's a bit of info on the subject here.

Gradual merger with refactor-nrepl

It would make sense to move some important refactor-nrepl functionality into CIDER, provided it doesn't depend on anything complex (e.g. building an AST for the entire project).

Below follow a few such candidates.

This merger also relies on collaboration from the refactor-nrepl team.

Move hotload deps to CIDER

Move the ns-cleanup functionality to CIDER

Socket REPL support (and potentially unrepl/prepl support as well)

Eventually we want to support socket REPLs of any kind (plain, unrepl, prepl) in the same manner we support nREPL today (meaning everything should work with them). The bulk of the work to achieve this is related to making the CIDER client and server code nREPL agnostic, so. Work for this is already underway with respect to the server code (that's the orchard project), but hasn't started on the client (Emacs) side.

Decouple the CIDER code from nREPL

  • Isolate the connection-specific code in a couple of client libraries and build a generic API on top of them dispatching based on the connection type.

Implement a socket REPL client

That should be relatively straightforward, as the communication protocol for the socket REPL is pretty simple. parseclj should be used to "encode/decode" EDN data.

Transition everything non-nREPL specific to Orchard

Already in progress, a lot of functionality already lives is orchard as of version 0.3.