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nrepl-jack-in on Windows #248

mjewkes opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Line 1411 -

    (format "echo \"%s repl :headless\" | eval $SHELL -l" nrepl-lein-command))

Doesn't work on windows - eval not being a valid shell command. You can point this line manually at your file (mine looks like this now)

    (format "c:\\Users\\mjewkes\\Clojure\\%s repl :headless" nrepl-lein-command))

A better solution would be ideal.


I guess we could use a different command for Windows users conditionally. Any Windows users around here to add their input?


I do use it on Windows and nrepl-jack-in works for me.

It should only execute the

    (format "echo \"%s repl :headless\" | eval $SHELL -l" nrepl-lein-command))

if it cannot find lein or lein.bat in the exec-path.

So one solution is to add the location of lein.bat into your windows path (which I like to do anyway because I also use leiningen from the command line), or to append the location to the emacs exec-path:

(setq exec-path (append exec-path '("c:/Users/mjewkes/Clojure")))

nrepl-server-command is also a customizable variable, so you can set it to whatever value you want if the default doesn't work for you.

I am not sure the fallback echo lein repl :headless | ... would ever work on Windows anyway, with or without the eval.

Hope this helps.


@mjewkes Are you still having this problem? I would like to close this issue if possible.


@kingtim I have it working using the line change I described above. I opened the issue to see if there was a better solution that might be useful for other beginners.

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this
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