nrepl-kill-input (C-c C-u) does not respect paredit-mode #308

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dadinn commented Mar 25, 2013

I am using nrepl 20130313.2127 with paredit 20110508.1256 from the MELPA repository and found that nrepl-kill-input does not respect paredit-mode. Consider the following situation:

user> (+ 1 2 3) (+ 4 5| 6) (+ 7 8 9) "BlaBla"
                      ^ cursor here

Pressing C-c C-u will result in unbalanced s-expressions, which is expected on vanilla nrepl, but should not be allowed when paredit-mode is enabled. This is the behavior I am experiencing:

user> | 6) (+ 7 8 9) "BlaBla"
      ^ cursor here

IHMO, instead of that the expected behavior with paredit would be:

user> |(+ 7 8 9) "BlaBla"
      ^ cursor here

I used a complex example with multiple statements to show how the current behavior of nrepl-kill-input could be preserved, i.e. that it only removes things after the cursor when the cursor is on the very beginning of the line. A second C-c C-u would kill everything from the command prompt both according to the actual and the suggested versions.

bbatsov commented Aug 15, 2013

Not sure this counts as a problem - after all you're not invoking a paredit command.

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this Sep 25, 2013
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