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There are many outstanding issues and unconsidered pull requests and it has been 4 months since the last commit.

Of course, we all have other obligations in life, but this is a very important project in the Emacs/Clojure community, and if progress is stalled, perhaps a new maintainer could be appointed or a fork could be blessed as "official".


Ask bbatsov to work on nrepl. Bribe him with beer.


If someone wants to help lead the project, maybe they could start by keeping a branch in their fork where they screen and apply patches, and people interested in following the latest development could install from there.

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I've been planning to fork and rename (although if repo maintainers agree to use the fork as source for official packages this step would be unnecessary) the project for a while. Obviously the first rule of business would be merging many of the outstanding pull requests and tackling issues in our backlog related to Clojure 1.5.

I'm also seriously worried about @kingtim since he's always been fairly prompt to respond to pull requests, issue reports and emails. Hope he's doing well.

The new fork should definitely have joint leadership - I guess we can start with me, @technomancy, @hugoduncan and @purcell, since we're fairly familiar with the project and have personal interest in seeing it improve. Thoughts?

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@maruks Beer might help! I've stopped contributing PRs after I noticed @kingtim's prolonged absence, but I'm certainly willing to help the project move forward. I'm pretty others are willing to help as well.


I asked this 10 days ago on the mailing list, to no response. I'm also willing to help, and I hope @kingtim is alright.

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Me, @purcell, @technomancy and @hugoduncan have assumed the maintenance of the official project, so I'll be closing this ticket.

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this Jul 24, 2013
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