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Evaluating a buffer gives no output if an exception is thrown #505

gfredericks opened this Issue · 9 comments

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When loading a buffer throws an exception, sometimes I get no output at all, sometimes the minibuffer reports Loading foo.clj... but says nothing more.


Which version of CIDER are you using? M-x cider-version


Strangely M-x cider-version doesn't work for me. But the directory name in ~/.emacs.d/elpa says 5.0.


0.5.0 rather, of course.


@fredericksgary Could you elaborate on M-x cider-version doesn't work for me?

(cider-version) ; => Lisp error: (void-function cider-version)
(nrepl-version) ; => "0.2.0"

The entries in ~/.emacs.d/elpa include cider-0.5.0 and nrepl-0.2.0.

My init.el explicitly installs cider but not nrepl-mode.


I'm hoping there's some totally borked up aspect of my setup that I can get straightened out, because that would probably explain a lot of inconsistency I've been experiencing.


You should definitely remove anything related to nrepl.el from your setup (and installed packages) as the two cannot coexist. It's likely that the presence of nrepl.el is causing your problems.


I think that was it -- thanks!

I had assumed nrepl had gotten there via some legit process and that it belonged there. But wiping everything and reinstalling caused it to not show back up.

@gfredericks gfredericks closed this

Some packages might be outdated and still depend on the old nrepl package. You should be careful as such packages will break cider by pulling in nrepl.

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