Need to have a cider-reload command #507

johnbendi opened this Issue Mar 8, 2014 · 2 comments


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I stumbled upon this need while looking for a way to reload all cider libraries. Asking on #emacs I was told that we needed such a function.

A simple function like

(defun cider-reload () 
  (mapcar 'load-library 
                '("cider-client" "cider-interaction" "cider-eldoc" "cider-repl" "cider-mode" "cider" "nrepl-client")))

Where might be a good place to include something like this.


bbatsov commented Mar 8, 2014

Seems redundant to me. People playing with the code will be reloading only the bits they changed and users normally restart alter updating packages (due to package.el limitations). If you ask me this should be handled by package.el, not by the libraries themselves.

bbatsov closed this Mar 18, 2014

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