@bbatsov bbatsov released this Jan 1, 2019 · 103 commits to master since this release

0.19.0 (2019-01-01)

New features

  • #2430: cider-find-var opens archive files inside AVFS folders if AVFS is detected.
  • #2446: Implement Sesman friendly sessions to allow for on-the-fly association with sessions from dependency projects and jars.
  • #2253: Split continue debug command into "continue till next breakpoint" (c) and "continue non stop" (C) commands.

Bug fixes

  • #2474: Fix incorrect detection of output and out-of-order printing.
  • #2514: Don't auto-jump to warnings when cider-auto-jump-to-error is set to 'errors-only.
  • #2453: Make it possible to debug deftype methods by direct insertion of #dbg and #break readers into the deftype methods.
  • #1869,cider-nrepl#460: Fix continue debugger command which was stopping entering debugger on repeated invocations.
  • #2444: Reuse dead REPL buffers on new connections.
  • #2441: Make it possible to use C-c C-x keys without loading cider first (autoload cider-start-map).
  • #2440: Make cider-check-cljs-repl-requirements take effect again.
  • #2439: Remove mentions of cider-toggle-connection-buffer from the docs.
  • #2435: Remove killed REPLs from sessions in client sentinel.
  • Fix jack-in from inside of remote buffers.
  • #2454: Fix erratic inspector behavior when multiple REPLs are connected
  • #2467: Make generic CIDER ops use any available nREPL connection.
  • #2105: Fix no comment syntax defined message when loading buffer after running a failing test.
  • #2115: Reset the current buffer after display-buffer.


  • #2482: Don't bind nREPL server started by cider-jack-in to :: (use localhost instead).
  • #2484: Fix issues where some functionality in REPL buffers (like eldoc) was broken.
  • #2484: REPL types are now symbols instead of strings.
  • #1544: Add a new defcustom cider-infer-remote-nrepl-ports to control whether we use tramp/ssh to infer remote ports. Now defaulting to nil (previously it always tried to infer).
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