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@cichli cichli released this Feb 19, 2019 · 54 commits to master since this release

New features

  • The cider-test-run-* and cider-ns-refresh-* commands are now interruptible by the cider-interrupt command.
  • Many commands now stream printed results back to the client incrementally – meaning it's now possible to, for example, interrupt evaluations while their result is being rendered.
  • New option: cider-repl-init-code. This is a list of strings containing Clojure code to evaluate when the REPL starts (with bindings for any set!-able vars in place). Replaces cider-print-length and cider-print-level, which are now obsolete.
  • New option: cider-print-quota. This is a hard limit on the number of bytes that will be returned by any printing operation. This defaults to one megabyte and can be set to nil if no limit is desired.


  • (Breaking) Upgrade to nREPL 0.6.0. This is now the minimum required version.
  • (Breaking) Upgrade to piggieback 0.4.0. This is now the minimum required version.
  • (Breaking) Remove cider.nrepl.middleware.pprint. All functionality has been replaced by the built-in printing support in nREPL 0.6.
  • Option cider-repl-scroll-on-output is now obsolete, and the default REPL behaviour has changed to not recenter the window. The built-in variable scroll-conservatively can be set to 101 (either globally or locally in the REPL buffer) to restore the old behaviour. This change has a dramatic positive effect on REPL performance.
  • cider-pprint-fn and cider-pprint-options are now obsolete, replaced by cider-print-fn and cider-print-options.
  • cider-debug-print-options, cider-stacktrace-print-options, and cider-repl-pretty-print-width are now all obsolete, replaced by cider-print-options.
  • #2546: New defcustom cider-ns-save-files-on-refresh-modes to control for which buffers cider-ns-refresh should save before refreshing.

Bug fixes

  • Fix values for cider-preferred-build-tool variable.
  • Fix value and safe property for cider-allow-jack-in-without-project variable.
  • cider-ns-save-files-on-refresh will now save any modified buffers visiting files on the classpath, rather than just in the current project.
  • cider-expected-ns no longer requires an absolute path as its argument, and now internally handles paths canonically and consistently.
  • Fixed a bug causing REPL output to be inserted after the prompt.
  • Fixed a bug causing cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp-to-comment and cider-pprint-eval-defun-to-comment to not insert anything.
  • cider-find-var now correctly uses a new window when passed a prefix of - or a double prefix argument.
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