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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Feb 15, 2020 · 26 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #2744: Add startup commands to repl banner.
  • #2499: Add cider-jump-to-pop-to-buffer-actions.
  • #2738: Add ability to lookup a function symbol when cursor is at the opening paren.
  • #2735: New debugger command P to inspect an arbitrary expression, it was previously bound to p which now inspects the current value.
  • #2729: New cider inspector command cider-inspector-def-current-val lets you define a var with the current inspector value.


  • #2781: Extend cider-doc-xref-regexp to recognize [[var]] syntax and fully qualified symbols as xref links in cider-doc buffers.
  • #2731: Make the in-buffer debugging menu customizable via cider-debug-prompt-commands.

Bugs fixed

  • #2787: Fix nrepl process naming collision when using nrepl-hide-special-buffers.
  • #2739: Start built-in shadow-cljs build profiles correctly (node-repl, browser-repl).
  • #2730: Require repl utilities into current namespace not just user ns.
  • #2614: Fix error highlighting in source buffers for Clojure 1.10.
  • #2733: Restore compatibility with Emacs 25.3.
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