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Update lazy-cons => lazy-seq

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1 parent 6393f19 commit 585f9d6a88d6655a9600636125eb6bd35efad945 @technomancy technomancy committed Oct 16, 2009
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4 clojure-mode.el
@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ elements of a def* forms."
- '("implement" "proxy" "lazy-cons" "with-meta"
+ '("implement" "proxy" "lazy-seq" "with-meta"
"struct" "struct-map" "delay" "locking" "sync" "time" "apply"
"remove" "merge" "interleave" "interpose" "distinct" "for"
"cons" "concat" "lazy-cat" "cycle" "rest" "frest" "drop"
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ elements of a def* forms."
"to-array-2d" "not-empty" "seq?" "not-every?" "every?" "not-any?"
"map" "mapcat" "vector?" "list?" "hash-map" "reduce" "filter"
"vals" "keys" "rseq" "subseq" "rsubseq" "count" "empty?"
- "fnseq" "lazy-cons" "repeatedly" "iterate" "drop-last"
+ "fnseq" "repeatedly" "iterate" "drop-last"
"repeat" "replicate" "range" "into-array"
"line-seq" "resultset-seq" "re-seq" "re-find" "tree-seq" "file-seq"
"iterator-seq" "enumeration-seq" "declare" "xml-seq"

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