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Merge pull request #101 from bonega/test-structure-fix

clojure-jump-to-test should use the same dir/name structure as Lein.
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commit d6c5f661d64c39497f052acc092a8669bcb6f10c 2 parents f8f10f8 + e753312
@technomancy technomancy authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 clojure-mode.el
4 clojure-mode.el
@@ -1201,9 +1201,9 @@ The arguments are dir, hostname, and port. The return value should be an `alist
(segments (split-string namespace "\\."))
(before (subseq segments 0 clojure-test-ns-segment-position))
(after (subseq segments clojure-test-ns-segment-position))
- (newfile (format "%s_test" (car after)))
+ (newfile (car after))
(test-segments (append before (list newfile))))
- (mapconcat 'identity test-segments "/")))
+ (mapconcat 'identity test-segments "/test/")))
(defun clojure-jump-to-test ()
"Jump from implementation file to test."
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