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Clojure Goes Fast

Projects related to Clojure and high performance.

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  1. clj-async-profiler clj-async-profiler Public

    Embedded high-precision Clojure profiler

    Clojure 379 17

  2. clj-memory-meter clj-memory-meter Public

    Measure object memory consumption in Clojure

    Clojure 290 11

  3. clj-java-decompiler clj-java-decompiler Public

    REPL-integrated Clojure-to-Java decompiler

    Clojure 255 7

  4. jvm-hiccup-meter jvm-hiccup-meter Public

    Measure JVM and OS hiccups influencing your program

    Java 78 7

  5. jvm-alloc-rate-meter jvm-alloc-rate-meter Public

    Measure JVM heap allocation rate in real time

    Java 77 7

  6. virgil virgil Public archive

    Forked from clj-commons/virgil


    Clojure 44 2


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