Community documentation of Clojure


"Even the most powerful wizard must consult grimoires as an aid against forgetfulness."

Grimoire is community web documentation of the Clojure programming language intended to provide an up to date replacement for ClojureDocs by documenting current versions of Clojure and to augment Clojure's documentation by hosting examples and extended docs.

If you're a Grimoire user I'd ask that you either support me on patreon or participate in the project!

Official Clients

These are clients and tools built as part of the Grimoire project and maintained as part of normal Grimoire development.

Client Link
[$BROWSER] grimoire
[Clojure] lib-grimoire

Supported Clients

These are clients which while not built or maintained as part of the Grimoire project do get support and updates as Grimoire evolves.

Client Link
Emacs CIDER via cider-grimoire, cider-grimoire-web
Light Table Sancho
Vim grimoire.vim

If you develop a new client for Grimoire, let me know and I'll do my best to support it as well. PRs to add clients to this list are welcome.