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;; Test routines for clojure.algo.generic.collection
;; Copyright (c) Konrad Hinsen, 2011. All rights reserved. The use
;; and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
;; distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are
;; agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not
;; remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns clojure.algo.generic.test-collection
(:use [clojure.test :only (deftest is are run-tests)])
(:require [clojure.algo.generic.collection :as gc]))
; Define a multiset class. The representation is a map from values to counts.
(defrecord multiset [map])
(defn mset
[& elements]
(gc/into (new multiset {}) elements))
; Implement the collection multimethods.
(defmethod gc/conj multiset
([ms x]
(let [msmap (:map ms)]
(new multiset (assoc msmap x (inc (get msmap x 0))))))
([ms x & xs]
(reduce gc/conj (gc/conj ms x) xs)))
(defmethod gc/empty multiset
(new multiset {}))
(defmethod gc/seq multiset
(apply concat (map (fn [[x n]] (repeat n x)) (:map ms))))
; Define a sparse vector class. The representation is a map from
; integer indices to values.
(defrecord sparse-vector [map])
(defn s-vector
[& values]
(apply gc/conj (new sparse-vector {}) values))
; Implement the collection multimethods
(defmethod gc/assoc sparse-vector
[sv key value]
(assert (integer? key))
(assert (not (neg? key)))
(new sparse-vector
(if (nil? value)
(:map sv)
(assoc (:map sv) key value))))
(defmethod gc/get sparse-vector
([sv key]
(gc/get sv key nil))
([sv key default]
(get (:map sv) key default)))
(defmethod gc/conj sparse-vector
[sv & xs]
(loop [svmap (:map sv)
index (inc (apply max (conj (keys svmap) -1)))
xs xs]
(if (empty? xs)
(new sparse-vector svmap)
(recur (if (nil? (first xs))
(assoc svmap index (first xs)))
(inc index) (rest xs)))))
(defmethod gc/empty sparse-vector
(new sparse-vector {}))
(defmethod gc/seq sparse-vector
(let [svmap (:map sv)
max-index (apply max (conj (keys svmap) -1))]
(if (neg? max-index)
(for [i (range (inc max-index))] (get svmap i nil)))))
; Multiset tests
(deftest multiset-tests
(are [a b] (= a b)
(mset :a :a :b) (mset :a :b :a)
(gc/conj (mset) :a) (mset :a)
(gc/conj (mset) :b :a :b :a) (mset :a :a :b :b)
(gc/empty (mset :a)) (mset)
(gc/seq (mset :a :a :a)) '(:a :a :a)))
; Sparse vector tests
(deftest sparse-vector-tests
(are [a b] (= a b)
(gc/empty (s-vector)) (s-vector)
(gc/conj (s-vector 1 2) 3) (s-vector 1 2 3)
(gc/assoc (s-vector 1 2) 2 3) (s-vector 1 2 3)
(gc/assoc (s-vector 1 2) 4 3) (s-vector 1 2 nil nil 3)
(gc/get (s-vector 1 2 3) 1) 2
(gc/seq (gc/assoc (s-vector 1) 3 3)) '(1 nil nil 3)))
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