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org.clojure parent POMs

This project and its modules define various parent POMs to be used by build processes at Here is a list of the available POMs, each of which defines the previous as its parent:

  • org.clojure:pom.oss-deploy ropes in the org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent POM, enabling the deployment to Sonatype's OSS repositories (and handily setting a variety of other common basics, like source file encoding, attaching a source artifact to deployments, etc).
  • org.clojure:pom.baseline adds:
    • a org.clojure:clojure dependency (with its version parameterized via clojure.version, currently defaulting to 1.2.0)
    • clojure-maven-plugin with sane defaults
    • specifies 1.5 source and target for maven-compiler-plugin (for those contrib projects that do have Java sources; also is used by various IDEs as a hint about which JDK to configure for an imported project)
  • org.clojure:pom.contrib, which currently defines nothing itself, but which should be the parent POM of all contrib projects going forward. This is where we could add various enforcer configurations to verify POM characteristics we care about.
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