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;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ant sim ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Copyright (c) David Miller. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
;dimensions of square world
(def dim 80) ;; 80
;number of ants = nants-sqrt^2
(def nants-sqrt 7) ;; 7
;number of places with food
(def food-places 35) ;; 3
;range of amount of food at a place
(def food-range 100)
;scale factor for pheromone drawing
(def pher-scale 20.0)
;scale factor for food drawing
(def food-scale 30.0)
;evaporation rate
(def evap-rate 0.99)
(def animation-sleep-ms 100) ; 100
(def ant-sleep-ms 40) ;40
(def evap-sleep-ms 1000)
(def running true)
(defstruct cell :food :pher) ;may also have :ant and :home
;world is a 2d vector of refs to cells
(def world
(apply vector
(map (fn [_]
(apply vector (map (fn [_] (ref (struct cell 0 0)))
(range dim))))
(range dim))))
(defn place [[x y]]
(-> world (nth x) (nth y)))
(defstruct ant :dir) ;may also have :food
(defn create-ant
"create an ant at the location, returning an ant agent on the location"
[loc dir]
(sync nil
(let [p (place loc)
a (struct ant dir)]
(alter p assoc :ant a)
(agent loc))))
(def home-off (/ dim 4))
(def home-range (range home-off (+ nants-sqrt home-off)))
(defn setup
"places initial food and ants, returns seq of ant agents"
(sync nil
(dotimes [i food-places]
(let [p (place [(rand-int dim) (rand-int dim)])]
(alter p assoc :food (rand-int food-range))))
(for [x home-range y home-range]
(alter (place [x y])
assoc :home true)
(create-ant [x y] (rand-int 8)))))))
(defn bound
"returns n wrapped into range 0-b"
[b n]
(let [n (rem n b)]
(if (neg? n)
(+ n b)
(defn wrand
"given a vector of slice sizes, returns the index of a slice given a
random spin of a roulette wheel with compartments proportional to
(let [total (reduce + slices)
r (rand total)]
(loop [i 0 sum 0]
(if (< r (+ (slices i) sum))
(recur (inc i) (+ (slices i) sum))))))
;dirs are 0-7, starting at north and going clockwise
;these are the deltas in order to move one step in given dir
(def dir-delta {0 [0 -1]
1 [1 -1]
2 [1 0]
3 [1 1]
4 [0 1]
5 [-1 1]
6 [-1 0]
7 [-1 -1]})
(defn delta-loc
"returns the location one step in the given dir. Note the world is a torus"
[[x y] dir]
(let [[dx dy] (dir-delta (bound 8 dir))]
[(bound dim (+ x dx)) (bound dim (+ y dy))]))
;(defmacro dosync [& body]
; `(sync nil ~@body))
;ant agent functions
;an ant agent tracks the location of an ant, and controls the behavior of
;the ant at that location
(defn turn
"turns the ant at the location by the given amount"
[loc amt]
(let [p (place loc)
ant (:ant @p)]
(alter p assoc :ant (assoc ant :dir (bound 8 (+ (:dir ant) amt))))))
(defn move
"moves the ant in the direction it is heading. Must be called in a
transaction that has verified the way is clear"
(let [oldp (place loc)
ant (:ant @oldp)
newloc (delta-loc loc (:dir ant))
p (place newloc)]
;move the ant
(alter p assoc :ant ant)
(alter oldp dissoc :ant)
;leave pheromone trail
(when-not (:home @oldp)
(alter oldp assoc :pher (inc (:pher @oldp))))
(defn take-food [loc]
"Takes one food from current location. Must be called in a
transaction that has verified there is food available"
(let [p (place loc)
ant (:ant @p)]
(alter p assoc
:food (dec (:food @p))
:ant (assoc ant :food true))
(defn drop-food [loc]
"Drops food at current location. Must be called in a
transaction that has verified the ant has food"
(let [p (place loc)
ant (:ant @p)]
(alter p assoc
:food (inc (:food @p))
:ant (dissoc ant :food))
(defn rank-by
"returns a map of xs to their 1-based rank when sorted by keyfn"
[keyfn xs]
(let [sorted (sort-by (comp float keyfn) xs)]
(reduce (fn [ret i] (assoc ret (nth sorted i) (inc i)))
{} (range (count sorted)))))
(defn behave
"the main function for the ant agent"
(let [p (place loc)
ant (:ant @p)
ahead (place (delta-loc loc (:dir ant)))
ahead-left (place (delta-loc loc (dec (:dir ant))))
ahead-right (place (delta-loc loc (inc (:dir ant))))
places [ahead ahead-left ahead-right]]
(. System.Threading.Thread (Sleep ant-sleep-ms)) ;;; Thread => System.Threading.Thread, sleep => .Sleep
(when running
(send-off *agent* #'behave))
(if (:food ant)
;going home
(:home @p)
(-> loc drop-food (turn 4))
(and (:home @ahead) (not (:ant @ahead)))
(move loc)
(let [ranks (merge-with +
(rank-by (comp #(if (:home %) 1 0) deref) places)
(rank-by (comp :pher deref) places))]
(([move #(turn % -1) #(turn % 1)]
(wrand [(if (:ant @ahead) 0 (ranks ahead))
(ranks ahead-left) (ranks ahead-right)]))
(and (pos? (:food @p)) (not (:home @p)))
(-> loc take-food (turn 4))
(and (pos? (:food @ahead)) (not (:home @ahead)) (not (:ant @ahead)))
(move loc)
(let [ranks (merge-with +
(rank-by (comp :food deref) places)
(rank-by (comp :pher deref) places))]
(([move #(turn % -1) #(turn % 1)]
(wrand [(if (:ant @ahead) 0 (ranks ahead))
(ranks ahead-left) (ranks ahead-right)]))
(defn evaporate
"causes all the pheromones to evaporate a bit"
(for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
(let [p (place [x y])]
(alter p assoc :pher (* evap-rate (:pher @p))))))))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; UI ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Graphics Brush SolidBrush Color Pen Rectangle Size Point
BufferedGraphicsContext BufferedGraphicsManager BufferedGraphics)
Panel Form DockStyle Application
PaintEventHandler PaintEventArgs)
;pixels per world cell
(def scale 5)
(defn fill-cell [^Graphics g x y ^Color c]
(let [b (new SolidBrush c) ]
(.FillRectangle g b (* x scale) (* y scale) scale scale)
(.Dispose b)))
(def white-brush (new SolidBrush (.White Color)))
(def black-pen (new Pen (.Black Color)))
(def grey-pen (new Pen (.FromArgb Color 100 100 100)))
(def red-pen (new Pen (.Red Color)))
(def blue-pen (new Pen (.Blue Color)))
(defn render-ant [ant ^Graphics g x y]
(let [[hx hy tx ty] ({0 [2 0 2 4]
1 [4 0 0 4]
2 [4 2 0 2]
3 [4 4 0 0]
4 [2 4 2 0]
5 [0 4 4 0]
6 [0 2 4 2]
7 [0 0 4 4]}
(:dir ant))
pen (if (:foot ant) red-pen black-pen)]
(.DrawLine g pen
(+ hx (* x scale))
(+ hy (* y scale))
(+ tx (* x scale))
(+ ty (* y scale)))))
(defn render-place [ ^Graphics g p x y]
(when (pos? (:pher p))
(fill-cell g x y
(.FromArgb Color (int (min 255 (* 255 (/ (:pher p) pher-scale)))) (.Green Color))))
(when (pos? (:food p))
(fill-cell g x y
(.FromArgb Color (int (min 255 (* 255 (/ (:food p) food-scale)))) (.Red Color))))
(when (:ant p)
(render-ant (:ant p) g x y)))
(def current-wins (ref nil))
(defstruct wins :form :panel :buffered-graphics)
(defn create-buffered-graphics [panel]
(let [context (.Current BufferedGraphicsManager)
side (* scale dim)
size (new Size (inc side) (inc side))
rect (new Rectangle 0 0 side side)
pgrafx (. panel CreateGraphics) ]
(. context set_MaximumBuffer size)
(.Allocate context pgrafx rect)))
(defn render [g]
(let [v (dosync (apply vector (for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
@(place [x y]))))
side (* scale dim)
grafx (:buffered-graphics @current-wins)
bg (.Graphics grafx)]
(.FillRectangle bg white-brush 0 0 side side)
(for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
(render-place bg (v (+ (* x dim) y)) x y)))
(.DrawRectangle bg blue-pen
(* scale home-off) (* scale home-off)
(* scale nants-sqrt) (* scale nants-sqrt))
(.Render grafx)))
(defn create-wins []
(let [ panel (new Panel)
form (new Form)
bgrfx (create-buffered-graphics panel) ]
(doto panel
(.set_Dock (. DockStyle Fill))
(.set_Location (new Point 0 0))
(.set_Name "panel1")
(.set_Size (new Size (* dim scale) (* dim scale)))
(.add_Paint (. clojure.lang.Compiler
(GenerateTypedDelegate PaintEventHandler
'[sender args]
'((render (. args Graphics)))))))
(doto form
(.set_ClientSize (new Size (* dim scale) (* dim scale))))
(.. form (Controls) (Add panel))
(struct-map wins :form form :panel panel :buffered-graphics bgrfx)))
(def win-app (agent nil))
(def winforms-app-inited (ref false))
(defn init-winforms-app []
(ensure winforms-app-inited)
(when-not @winforms-app-inited
(.EnableVisualStyles Application)
(.SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault Application false)
(ref-set winforms-app-inited true))))
(defn start-gui [x]
(ref-set current-wins (create-wins)))
(.Run Application (:form @current-wins))
(def animator (agent nil))
; We can't call refresh directly because it is running on a different thread.
; we have to call Invoke to make things happen.
; This requires having a delegate. Sigh.
; I used ThreadStart as the delegate type because it has void() signature.
(def refresh-panel-delegate
(. clojure.lang.Compiler GenerateTypedDelegate System.Threading.ThreadStart 'RefreshPanel []
'((.Refresh (:panel @current-wins)))))
(defn animation [x]
(when running
(send-off *agent* #'animation))
(.Invoke (:panel @current-wins) refresh-panel-delegate)
(.Sleep System.Threading.Thread animation-sleep-ms)
(def evaporator (agent nil))
(defn evaporation [x]
(when running
(send-off *agent* #'evaporation))
(. System.Threading.Thread (Sleep evap-sleep-ms))
(defn test []
(def ants (setup))
(send-off win-app start-gui)
(dorun (map #(send-off % behave) ants))
(send-off evaporator evaporation)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; use ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;(load-file "/Users/rich/dev/clojure/ants.clj")
(def ants (setup))
(send-off win-app start-gui)
(send-off animator animation)
(dorun (map #(send-off % behave) ants))
(send-off evaporator evaporation)