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;; Copyright (c) Jeffrey Straszheim. All rights reserved. The use and
;; distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public
;; License 1.0 ( which can
;; be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By
;; using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the
;; terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other,
;; from this software.
;; softstrat.clj
;; A Clojure implementation of Datalog -- Soft Stratification
;; straszheimjeffrey (gmail)
;; Created 28 Feburary 2009
(ns clojure.contrib.datalog.softstrat
(:use clojure.contrib.datalog.util
(:use [clojure.set :only (union intersection difference)])
(:use [clojure.contrib.seq-utils :only (indexed)])
(:require [clojure.contrib.graph :as graph]))
;;; Dependency graph
(defn- build-rules-graph
"Given a rules-set (rs), build a graph where each predicate symbol in rs,
there is a node n, and for each rule (<- h b-1 b-2 ...), there are edges
from the (literal-predicate h) -> (literal-predicate b-*), one for each
(let [preds (all-predicates rs)
pred-map (predicate-map rs)
step (fn [nbs pred]
(let [rules (pred-map pred)
preds (reduce (fn [pds lits]
(reduce (fn [pds lit]
(if-let [pred (literal-predicate lit)]
(conj pds pred)
(map :body rules))]
(assoc nbs pred preds)))
neighbors (reduce step {} preds)]
(struct graph/directed-graph preds neighbors)))
(defn- build-def
"Given a rules-set, build its def function"
(let [pred-map (predicate-map rs)
graph (-> rs
(fn [pred]
(apply union (map set (map pred-map (graph/get-neighbors graph pred)))))))
;;; Soft Stratificattion REQ Graph
(defn- req
"Returns a rules-set that is a superset of req(lit) for the lit at
index lit-index"
[rs soft-def rule lit-index]
(let [head (:head rule)
body (:body rule)
lit (nth body lit-index)
pre (subvec (vec body) 0 lit-index)]
(conj (-> lit literal-predicate soft-def (magic-transform (all-predicates rs)))
(build-rule (magic-literal lit) pre))))
(defn- rule-dep
"Given a rule, return the set of rules it depends on."
[rs mrs soft-def rule]
(let [step (fn [nrs [idx lit]]
(if (negated? lit)
(union nrs (req rs soft-def rule idx))
(intersection mrs
(reduce step empty-rules-set (-> rule :body indexed)))))
(defn- soft-strat-graph
"The dependency graph for soft stratification."
[rs mrs]
(let [soft-def (build-def rs)
step (fn [nbrs rule]
(assoc nbrs rule (rule-dep rs mrs soft-def rule)))
nbrs (reduce step {} mrs)]
(struct graph/directed-graph mrs nbrs)))
(defn- build-soft-strat
"Given a rules-set (unadorned) and an adorned query, return the soft
stratified list. The rules will be magic transformed, and the
magic seed will be appended."
[rs q]
(let [ars (adorn-rules-set rs q)
mrs (conj (magic-transform ars)
(seed-rule q))
gr (soft-strat-graph ars mrs)]
(map make-rules-set (graph/dependency-list gr))))
;;; Work plan
(defstruct soft-strat-work-plan
(defn build-soft-strat-work-plan
"Return a work plan for the given rules-set and query"
[rs q]
(let [aq (adorn-query q)]
(struct soft-strat-work-plan aq (build-soft-strat rs aq))))
(defn get-all-relations
"Return a set of all relation names defined in this workplan"
(apply union (map all-predicates (:stratification ws))))
;;; Evaluate
(defn- weak-consq-operator
[db strat]
(trace-datalog (println)
(println "=============== Begin iteration ==============="))
(let [counts (database-counts db)]
(loop [strat strat]
(let [rs (first strat)]
(if rs
(let [new-db (apply-rules-set db rs)]
(if (= counts (database-counts new-db))
(recur (next strat))
(defn evaluate-soft-work-set
([ws db] (evaluate-soft-work-set ws db {}))
([ws db bindings]
(let [query (:query ws)
strat (:stratification ws)
seed (seed-predicate-for-insertion query)
seeded-db (project-literal db seed [bindings] is-query-var?)
fun (fn [data]
(weak-consq-operator data strat))
equal (fn [db1 db2]
(= (database-counts db1) (database-counts db2)))
new-db (graph/fixed-point seeded-db fun nil equal)
pt (build-partial-tuple query bindings)]
(select new-db (literal-predicate query) pt))))
;; End of file
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