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;; Copyright (c) Jeffrey Straszheim. All rights reserved. The use and
;; distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public
;; License 1.0 ( which can
;; be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By
;; using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the
;; terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other,
;; from this software.
;; literals.clj
;; A Clojure implementation of Datalog -- Literals
;; straszheimjeffrey (gmail)
;; Created 25 Feburary 2009
(ns clojure.contrib.datalog.literals
(:use clojure.contrib.datalog.util)
(:use clojure.contrib.datalog.database)
(:use [clojure.set :only (intersection)])
(:use [clojure.contrib.set :only (subset?)]))
;;; Type Definitions
(defstruct atomic-literal
:predicate ; The predicate name
:term-bindings ; A map of column names to bindings
:literal-type) ; ::literal or ::negated
(derive ::negated ::literal)
(defstruct conditional-literal
:fun ; The fun to call
:symbol ; The fun symbol (for display)
:terms ; The formal arguments
:literal-type) ; ::conditional
;;; Basics
(defmulti literal-predicate
"Return the predicate/relation this conditional operates over"
(defmulti literal-columns
"Return the column names this applies to"
(defmulti literal-vars
"Returns the logic vars used by this literal"
(defmulti positive-vars
"Returns the logic vars used in a positive position"
(defmulti negative-vars
"Returns the logic vars used in a negative position"
(defmethod literal-predicate ::literal
(:predicate l))
(defmethod literal-predicate ::conditional
(defmethod literal-columns ::literal
(-> l :term-bindings keys set))
(defmethod literal-columns ::conditional
(defmethod literal-vars ::literal
(set (filter is-var? (-> l :term-bindings vals))))
(defmethod literal-vars ::conditional
(set (filter is-var? (:terms l))))
(defmethod positive-vars ::literal
(literal-vars l))
(defmethod positive-vars ::negated
(defmethod positive-vars ::conditional
(defmethod negative-vars ::literal
(defmethod negative-vars ::negated
(literal-vars l))
(defmethod negative-vars ::conditional
(literal-vars l))
(defn negated?
"Is this literal a negated literal?"
(= (:literal-type l) ::negated))
(defn positive?
"Is this a positive literal?"
(= (:literal-type l) ::literal))
;;; Building Literals
(def negation-symbol 'not!)
(def conditional-symbol 'if)
(defmulti build-literal
"(Returns an unevaluated expression (to be used in macros) of a
(defn build-atom
"Returns an unevaluated expression (to be used in a macro) of an
[f type]
(let [p (first f)
ts (map #(if (is-var? %) `(quote ~%) %) (next f))
b (if (seq ts) (apply assoc {} ts) nil)]
`(struct atomic-literal ~p ~b ~type)))
(defmethod build-literal :default
(build-atom f ::literal))
(defmethod build-literal negation-symbol
(build-atom (rest f) ::negated))
(defmethod build-literal conditional-symbol
(let [symbol (fnext f)
terms (nnext f)
fun `(fn [binds#] (apply ~symbol binds#))]
`(struct conditional-literal
;;; Display
(defmulti display-literal
"Converts a struct representing a literal to a normal list"
(defn- display
(conj (-> l :term-bindings list* flatten) (literal-predicate l)))
(defmethod display-literal ::literal
(display l))
(defmethod display-literal ::negated
(conj (display l) negation-symbol))
(defmethod display-literal ::conditional
(list* conditional-symbol (:symbol l) (:terms l)))
;;; Sip computation
(defmulti get-vs-from-cs
"From a set of columns, return the vars"
(defmethod get-vs-from-cs ::literal
[l bound]
(set (filter is-var?
(vals (select-keys (:term-bindings l)
(defmethod get-vs-from-cs ::conditional
[l bound]
(defmulti get-cs-from-vs
"From a set of vars, get the columns"
(defmethod get-cs-from-vs ::literal
[l bound]
(reduce conj
(remove nil?
(map (fn [[k v]] (if (bound v) k nil))
(:term-bindings l)))))
(defmethod get-cs-from-vs ::conditional
[l bound]
(defmulti get-self-bound-cs
"Get the columns that are bound withing the literal."
(defmethod get-self-bound-cs ::literal
(reduce conj
(remove nil?
(map (fn [[k v]] (if (not (is-var? v)) k nil))
(:term-bindings l)))))
(defmethod get-self-bound-cs ::conditional
(defmulti literal-appropriate?
"When passed a set of bound vars, determines if this literal can be
used during this point of a SIP computation."
(fn [b l] (:literal-type l)))
(defmethod literal-appropriate? ::literal
[bound l]
(not (empty? (intersection (literal-vars l) bound))))
(defmethod literal-appropriate? ::negated
[bound l]
(subset? (literal-vars l) bound))
(defmethod literal-appropriate? ::conditional
[bound l]
(subset? (literal-vars l) bound))
(defmulti adorned-literal
"When passed a set of bound columns, returns the adorned literal"
(fn [l b] (:literal-type l)))
(defmethod adorned-literal ::literal
[l bound]
(let [pred (literal-predicate l)
bnds (intersection (literal-columns l) bound)]
(if (empty? bound)
(assoc l :predicate {:pred pred :bound bnds}))))
(defmethod adorned-literal ::conditional
[l bound]
(defn get-adorned-bindings
"Get the bindings from this adorned literal."
(:bound pred))
(defn get-base-predicate
"Get the base predicate from this predicate."
(if (map? pred)
(:pred pred)
;;; Magic Stuff
(defn magic-literal
"Create a magic version of this adorned predicate."
(assert (-> l :literal-type (isa? ::literal)))
(let [pred (literal-predicate l)
pred-map (if (map? pred) pred {:pred pred})
bound (get-adorned-bindings pred)
ntb (select-keys (:term-bindings l) bound)]
(assoc l :predicate (assoc pred-map :magic true) :term-bindings ntb :literal-type ::literal)))
(defn literal-magic?
"Is this literal magic?"
(let [pred (literal-predicate lit)]
(when (map? pred)
(:magic pred))))
(defn build-seed-bindings
"Given a seed literal, already adorned and in magic form, convert
its bound constants to new variables."
(assert (-> s :literal-type (isa? ::literal)))
(let [ntbs (map-values (fn [_] (gensym '?_gen_)) (:term-bindings s))]
(assoc s :term-bindings ntbs)))
;;; Semi-naive support
(defn negated-literal
"Given a literal l, return a negated version"
(assert (-> l :literal-type (= ::literal)))
(assoc l :literal-type ::negated))
(defn delta-literal
"Given a literal l, return a delta version"
(let [pred* (:predicate l)
pred (if (map? pred*) pred* {:pred pred*})]
(assoc l :predicate (assoc pred :delta true))))
;;; Database operations
(defn- build-partial-tuple
[lit binds]
(let [tbs (:term-bindings lit)
each (fn [[key val :as pair]]
(if (is-var? val)
(if-let [n (binds val)]
[key n]
(into {} (remove nil? (map each tbs)))))
(defn- project-onto-literal
"Given a literal, and a materialized tuple, return a set of variable
[lit tuple]
(let [step (fn [binds [key val]]
(if (and (is-var? val)
(contains? tuple key))
(assoc binds val (tuple key))
(reduce step {} (:term-bindings lit))))
(defn- join-literal*
[db lit bs fun]
(let [each (fn [binds]
(let [pt (build-partial-tuple lit binds)]
(fun binds pt)))]
(when (contains? db (literal-predicate lit))
(apply concat (map each bs)))))
(defmulti join-literal
"Given a database (db), a literal (lit) and a seq of bindings (bs),
return a new seq of bindings by joining this literal."
(fn [db lit bs] (:literal-type lit)))
(defmethod join-literal ::literal
[db lit bs]
(join-literal* db lit bs (fn [binds pt]
(map #(merge binds %)
(map (partial project-onto-literal lit)
(select db (literal-predicate lit) pt))))))
(defmethod join-literal ::negated
[db lit bs]
(join-literal* db lit bs (fn [binds pt]
(if (any-match? db (literal-predicate lit) pt)
(defmethod join-literal ::conditional
[db lit bs]
(let [each (fn [binds]
(let [resolve (fn [term]
(if (is-var? term)
(binds term)
args (map resolve (:terms lit))]
(if ((:fun lit) args)
(remove nil? (map each bs))))
(defn project-literal
"Project a stream of bindings onto a literal/relation. Returns a new
([db lit bs] (project-literal db lit bs is-var?))
([db lit bs var?]
(assert (= (:literal-type lit) ::literal))
(let [rel-name (literal-predicate lit)
columns (-> lit :term-bindings keys)
idxs (vec (get-adorned-bindings (literal-predicate lit)))
db1 (ensure-relation db rel-name columns idxs)
rel (get-relation db1 rel-name)
step (fn [rel bindings]
(let [step (fn [t [k v]]
(if (var? v)
(assoc t k (bindings v))
(assoc t k v)))
tuple (reduce step {} (:term-bindings lit))]
(add-tuple rel tuple)))]
(replace-relation db rel-name (reduce step rel bs)))))
;; End of file
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