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; Copyright (c) Stuart Halloway & Contributors, April 2009. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
;; Most functions deprecated in 1.2. Some already exist in, and
;; some replaced by c.c.reflections
^{:author "Stuart Halloway, Stephen C. Gilardi, Shawn Hoover, Perry Trolard, Stuart Sierra",
:doc "A set of utilties for dealing with Java stuff like files and properties.
Design goals:
(1) Ease-of-use. These APIs should be convenient. Performance is secondary.
(2) Duck typing. I hate having to think about the difference between
a string that names a file, and a File. Ditto for a ton of other
wrapper classes in the Java world (URL, InternetAddress). With these
APIs you should be able to think about domain equivalence, not type
(3) No bossiness. I am not marking any of these functions as private
the docstrings will tell you the intended usage but do what works for you.
Feedback welcome!
If something in this module violates the principle of least surprise, please
let me (Stu) and the Clojure community know via the mailing list.
Stuart Halloway
Stephen C. Gilardi
Shawn Hoover
Perry Trolard
Stuart Sierra
(:import [ File FileOutputStream]
[java.util Properties]
[ URI URL]))
(defmulti relative-path-string
"Interpret a String or as a relative path string.
Building block for"
{:deprecated "1.2"}
(defmethod relative-path-string String [^String s]
(relative-path-string (File. s)))
(defmethod relative-path-string File [^File f]
(if (.isAbsolute f)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str f " is not a relative path")))
(.getPath f)))
(defmulti ^File as-file
"Interpret a String or a as a File. Building block
for, which you should prefer
in most cases."
{:deprecated "1.2"}
(defmethod as-file String [^String s] (File. s))
(defmethod as-file File [f] f)
(defn ^File file
"Returns a from string or file args."
{:deprecated "1.2"}
(as-file arg))
([parent child]
(File. ^File (as-file parent) ^String (relative-path-string child)))
([parent child & more]
(reduce file (file parent child) more)))
(defn as-str
"Like clojure.core/str, but if an argument is a keyword or symbol,
its name will be used instead of its literal representation.
(str :foo :bar) ;;=> \":foo:bar\"
(as-str :foo :bar) ;;=> \"foobar\"
Note that this does not apply to keywords or symbols nested within
data structures; they will be rendered as with str.
(str {:foo :bar}) ;;=> \"{:foo :bar}\"
(as-str {:foo :bar}) ;;=> \"{:foo :bar}\" "
{:deprecated "1.2"}
([] "")
([x] (if (instance? clojure.lang.Named x)
(name x)
(str x)))
([x & ys]
((fn [^StringBuilder sb more]
(if more
(recur (. sb (append (as-str (first more)))) (next more))
(str sb)))
(new StringBuilder ^String (as-str x)) ys)))
(defn get-system-property
"Get a system property."
(System/getProperty (as-str stringable)))
([stringable default]
(System/getProperty (as-str stringable) default)))
(defn set-system-properties
"Set some system properties. Nil clears a property."
(doseq [[name val] settings]
(if val
(System/setProperty (as-str name) (as-str val))
(System/clearProperty (as-str name)))))
(defmacro with-system-properties
"setting => property-name value
Sets the system properties to the supplied values, executes the body, and
sets the properties back to their original values. Values of nil are
translated to a clearing of the property."
[settings & body]
`(let [settings# ~settings
current# (reduce (fn [coll# k#]
(assoc coll# k# (get-system-property k#)))
(keys settings#))]
(set-system-properties settings#)
(set-system-properties current#)))))
; Not there is no corresponding props->map. Just destructure!
(defn ^Properties as-properties
"Convert any seq of pairs to a java.utils.Properties instance.
Uses as-str to convert both keys and values into strings."
{:tag Properties}
(let [p (Properties.)]
(doseq [[k v] m]
(.setProperty p (as-str k) (as-str v)))
(defn read-properties
"Read properties from file-able."
(with-open [f ( (file file-able))]
(doto (Properties.)
(.load f))))
(defn write-properties
"Write properties to file-able."
{:tag Properties}
([m file-able] (write-properties m file-able nil))
([m file-able comments]
(with-open [^FileOutputStream f (FileOutputStream. (file file-able))]
(doto (as-properties m)
(.store f ^String comments)))))
(defn delete-file
"Delete file f. Raise an exception if it fails unless silently is true."
{:deprecated "1.2"}
[f & [silently]]
(or (.delete (file f))
(throw ( (str "Couldn't delete " f)))))
(defn delete-file-recursively
"Delete file f. If it's a directory, recursively delete all its contents.
Raise an exception if any deletion fails unless silently is true."
{:deprecated "1.2"}
[f & [silently]]
(let [f (file f)]
(if (.isDirectory f)
(doseq [child (.listFiles f)]
(delete-file-recursively child silently)))
(delete-file f silently)))
^{:deprecated "1.2"
:doc "Coerces argument (URL, URI, or String) to a"
:arglists '([arg])}
as-url type)
(defmethod as-url URL [x] x)
(defmethod as-url URI [^URI x] (.toURL x))
(defmethod as-url String [^String x] (URL. x))
(defmethod as-url File [^File x] (.toURL x))
(defn wall-hack-method
"Calls a private or protected method.
params is a vector of class which correspond to the arguments to the method
obj is nil for static methods, the instance object otherwise
the method name is given as a symbol or a keyword (something Named)"
{:deprecated "1.2"}
[class-name method-name params obj & args]
(-> class-name (.getDeclaredMethod (name method-name) (into-array Class params))
(doto (.setAccessible true))
(.invoke obj (into-array Object args))))
(defn wall-hack-field
"Access to private or protected field."
{:deprecated "1.2"}
[class-name field-name obj]
(-> class-name (.getDeclaredField (name field-name))
(doto (.setAccessible true))
(.get obj)))
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