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;; Copyright (c) Jeffrey Straszheim. All rights reserved. The use and
;; distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public
;; License 1.0 ( which can
;; be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By
;; using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the
;; terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other,
;; from this software.
;; datalog.clj
;; A Clojure implementation of Datalog
;; straszheimjeffrey (gmail)
;; Created 2 March 2009
;;; Please see the example.clj file in the datalog folder
^{:author "Jeffrey Straszheim",
:doc "A Clojure implementation of Datalog"}
(:use clojure.contrib.datalog.rules
(:use [clojure.set :only (intersection)]
[clojure.contrib.except :only (throwf)]))
(defstruct work-plan
:work-plan ; The underlying structure
:rules ; The original rules
:query ; The original query
:work-plan-type) ; The type of plan
(defn- validate-work-plan
"Ensure any top level semantics are not violated"
[work-plan database]
(let [common-relations (-> work-plan :rules (intersection (-> database keys set)))]
(when (-> common-relations
(throwf "The rules and database define the same relation(s): %s" common-relations))))
; More will follow
(defn build-work-plan
"Given a list of rules and a query, build a work plan that can be
used to execute the query."
[rules query]
(struct-map work-plan
:work-plan (build-soft-strat-work-plan rules query)
:rules rules
:query query
:work-plan-type ::soft-stratified))
(defn run-work-plan
"Given a work plan, a database, and some query bindings, run the
work plan and return the results."
[work-plan database query-bindings]
(validate-work-plan work-plan database)
(evaluate-soft-work-set (:work-plan work-plan) database query-bindings))
;; End of file
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