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;;; base64.clj: Experimental Base-64 encoding and decoding
;; by Stuart Sierra, - encode
;; August 19, 2009
;; by Teemu Antti-Poika ( - decode
;; May 12, 2010
;; Copyright (c) Stuart Sierra, 2009. All rights reserved. The use
;; and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
;; distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are
;; agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not
;; remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns ^{:doc "Base-64 encoding and decoding.
This is mainly here as an example. It is much slower than the
Apache Commons Codec implementation or sun.misc.BASE64Encoder."
:author "Stuart Sierra"}
(:import ( InputStream Writer ByteArrayInputStream
ByteArrayOutputStream StringReader StringWriter)))
(def *base64-alphabet*
(defn- char-to-index-map
(into {}
(map #(vec [(int %1) %2])
(iterate inc 0))))
(defn encode
"Encodes bytes of input, writing Base 64 text on output. alphabet
is a 65-character String containing the 64 characters to use in the
encoding; the 65th character is the pad character. line-length is
the maximum number of characters per line, nil for no line breaks."
[^InputStream input ^Writer output ^String alphabet line-length]
(let [buffer (make-array Byte/TYPE 3)]
(loop [line 0]
(let [len (.read input buffer)]
(when (pos? len)
;; Pre-boxing the bytes as Integers is more efficient for
;; Clojure's bit operations.
(let [b0 (Integer/valueOf (int (aget buffer 0)))
b1 (Integer/valueOf (int (aget buffer 1)))
b2 (Integer/valueOf (int (aget buffer 2)))]
(cond (= len 3)
(let [s0 (bit-and 0x3F (bit-shift-right b0 2))
s1 (bit-and 0x3F
(bit-or (bit-shift-left b0 4)
(bit-shift-right b1 4)))
s2 (bit-and 0x3F
(bit-or (bit-shift-left b1 2)
(bit-shift-right b2 6)))
s3 (bit-and 0x3F b2)]
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s0))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s1))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s2))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s3)))
(= len 2)
(let [s0 (bit-and 0x3F (bit-shift-right b0 2))
s1 (bit-and 0x3F
(bit-or (bit-shift-left b0 4)
(bit-shift-right b1 4)))
s2 (bit-and 0x3F (bit-shift-left b1 2))]
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s0))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s1))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s2))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet 64)))
(= len 1)
(let [s0 (bit-and 0x3F (bit-shift-right b0 2))
s1 (bit-and 0x3F (bit-shift-left b0 4))]
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s0))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet s1))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet 64))
(.append output (.charAt alphabet 64)))))
(if (and line-length (> (+ line 4) line-length))
(do (.append output \newline)
(recur 0))
(recur (+ line 4))))))))
(defn encode-str
"Encodes String in base 64; returns a String. If not specified,
encoding is UTF-8 and line-length is nil."
([s] (encode-str s "UTF-8" nil))
([^String s ^String encoding line-length]
(let [output (StringWriter.)]
(encode (ByteArrayInputStream. (.getBytes s encoding))
output *base64-alphabet* line-length)
(.toString output))))
(defn- get-next-char
"Consume and return next character from reader. Ignore and eat end-of-lines characters. Return -1 on end."
(let [c (.read reader)]
(if (or (= c 10) (= c 13))
(recur reader)
(defn decode
"Decodes base64-encoded content from str-reader. Writes resulting bytes to out."
[^StringReader str-reader ^ByteArrayOutputStream out]
(let [next-char (get-next-char str-reader)]
(when (not (= next-char -1))
(let [c-to-int (char-to-index-map)
content-char? (fn [i] (not (= i 64))) ; 64 is index for the pad character =
sb0 (c-to-int next-char)
sb1 (c-to-int (get-next-char str-reader))
sb2 (c-to-int (get-next-char str-reader))
sb3 (c-to-int (get-next-char str-reader))
_ (when (not (and sb0 sb1 sb2 sb3))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Illegal Base64-encoded input: illegal characters or missing padding")))
_ (when (not (and (content-char? sb0) (content-char? sb1)))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Illegal Base64-encoded input: padding char at illegl position")))
b0 (bit-or
(bit-shift-left sb0 2)
(bit-shift-right (bit-and 0x30 sb1) 4))]
(.write out b0)
(when (content-char? sb2)
(let [b1 (bit-or
(bit-shift-left (bit-and 0xF sb1) 4)
(bit-shift-right (bit-and 0x3C sb2) 2))]
(.write out b1)
(when (content-char? sb3)
(let [b2 (bit-or
(bit-shift-left (bit-and 0x3 sb2) 6)
(.write out b2)
(recur str-reader out)))))))))
(defn decode-str
"Decodes base64-encoded String using encoding. Encoding defaults to UTF-8."
([s] (decode-str s "UTF-8"))
([^String s ^String encoding]
(when s
(let [baos (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
str-reader (StringReader. s)]
(decode str-reader baos)
(String. (.toByteArray baos) encoding)))))
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