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; Copyright (c) Chris Houser, Dec 2008. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Common Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file CPL.TXT at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
; Utilities meant to be used interactively at the REPL
;; Deprecated in 1.2: source, get-source, and apropos. These are
;; available in clojure.repl as source, source-fn, and apropos, respectively.
^{:author "Chris Houser, Christophe Grand, Stephen Gilardi, Michel Salim",
:doc "Utilities meant to be used interactively at the REPL"}
(:import ( File LineNumberReader InputStreamReader PushbackReader)
(java.lang.reflect Modifier Field Method Constructor)
(clojure.lang RT Compiler Compiler$C))
(:use [clojure.contrib.seq :only (indexed)]
[ :only (browse-url)]
[clojure.string :as str :only ()]))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Examine Java classes
(defn- sortable [t]
(str/replace t #"\d+" #(format "%04d" (Integer/parseInt %))))
(defn- param-str [m]
(str " (" (str/join
"," (map (fn [[c i]]
(if (> i 3)
(str (.getSimpleName c) "*" i)
(str/join "," (replicate i (.getSimpleName c)))))
(reduce (fn [pairs y] (let [[x i] (peek pairs)]
(if (= x y)
(conj (pop pairs) [y (inc i)])
(conj pairs [y 1]))))
[] (.getParameterTypes m))))
(defn- member-details [m]
(let [static? (Modifier/isStatic (.getModifiers m))
method? (instance? Method m)
ctor? (instance? Constructor m)
text (if ctor?
(str "<init>" (param-str m))
(when static? "static ")
(.getName m) " : "
(if method?
(str (.getSimpleName (.getReturnType m)) (param-str m))
(str (.getSimpleName (.getType m))))))]
(assoc (bean m)
:static? static?
:method? method?
:field? (instance? Field m)
:ctor? ctor?
:sort-val [(not static?) method? (sortable text)]
:text text
:member m)))
(defn show
"With one arg prints all static and instance members of x or (class x).
Each member is listed with a number which can be given as 'selector'
to return the member object -- the REPL will print more details for
that member.
The selector also may be a string or regex, in which case only
members whose names match 'selector' as a case-insensitive regex
will be printed.
Finally, the selector also may be a predicate, in which case only
members for which the predicate returns true will be printed. The
predicate will be passed a single argument, a map that includes the
:text that will be printed and the :member object itself, as well as
all the properies of the member object as translated by 'bean'.
Examples: (show Integer) (show []) (show String 23) (show String \"case\")"
([x] (show x (constantly true)))
([x selector]
(let [c (if (class? x) x (class x))
members (sort-by :sort-val
(map member-details
(concat (.getFields c)
(.getMethods c)
(.getConstructors c))))]
(if (number? selector)
(:member (nth members selector))
(let [pred (if (ifn? selector)
#(re-find (re-pattern (str "(?i)" selector)) (:name %)))]
(println "=== " (Modifier/toString (.getModifiers c)) c " ===")
(doseq [[i m] (indexed members)]
(when (pred m)
(printf "[%2d] %s\n" i (:text m)))))))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Handle Ctrl-C keystrokes
(def ^{:doc "Threads to stop when Ctrl-C is pressed. See 'add-break-thread!'"}
break-threads (atom {}))
(let [first-time (atom true)]
(defn start-handling-break
"Register INT signal handler. After calling this, Ctrl-C will cause
all break-threads to be stopped. See 'add-break-thread!'"
(when (= :need-init
(swap! first-time
{:need-init false, false false, true :need-init}))
(sun.misc.Signal. "INT")
(proxy [sun.misc.SignalHandler] []
(handle [sig]
(let [exc (Exception. (str sig))]
(doseq [tref (vals @break-threads) :when (.get tref)]
(.stop (.get tref) exc)))))))))
(defn add-break-thread!
"Add the given thread to break-threads so that it will be stopped
any time the user presses Ctrl-C. Calls start-handling-break for
you. Adds the current thread if none is given."
([] (add-break-thread! (Thread/currentThread)))
(let [tref (java.lang.ref.WeakReference. t)]
(swap! break-threads assoc (.getId t) tref))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Compiler hooks
(defn expression-info
"Uses the Clojure compiler to analyze the given s-expr. Returns
a map with keys :class and :primitive? indicating what the compiler
concluded about the return value of the expression. Returns nil if
not type info can be determined at compile-time.
Example: (expression-info '(+ (int 5) (float 10)))
Returns: {:class float, :primitive? true}"
(let [fn-ast (Compiler/analyze Compiler$C/EXPRESSION `(fn [] ~expr))
expr-ast (.body (first (.methods fn-ast)))]
(when (.hasJavaClass expr-ast)
{:class (.getJavaClass expr-ast)
:primitive? (.isPrimitive (.getJavaClass expr-ast))})))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; scgilardi at gmail
(defn run*
"Loads the specified namespace and invokes its \"main\" function with
optional args."
[ns-sym & args]
(require ns-sym :reload-all)
(apply (ns-resolve ns-sym 'main) args))
(defmacro run
"Loads the specified namespace and invokes its \"main\" function with
optional args. ns-name is not evaluated."
[ns-name & args]
`(run* '~ns-name ~@args))
(load "repl_utils/javadoc")