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;; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey All rights reserved. The use and
;; distribution terms for this software are covered by the Common Public
;; License 1.0 ( which can be found
;; in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By using this
;; software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of
;; this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this
;; software.
;; Originally contributed by Stephen C. Gilardi
(ns clojure.main
(:import (clojure.lang Compiler Compiler$CompilerException RT)))
(defmacro with-bindings
"Executes body in the context of thread-local bindings for several vars
that often need to be set!"
[& body]
`(binding [*ns* *ns*
*warn-on-reflection* *warn-on-reflection*
*print-meta* *print-meta*
*print-length* *print-length*
*print-level* *print-level*
*compile-path* (System/getProperty "clojure.compile.path" "classes")
*command-line-args* *command-line-args*
*1 nil
*2 nil
*3 nil
*e nil]
(defn- root-cause
"Returns the initial cause of an exception or error by peeling off all of
its wrappers"
(loop [cause throwable]
(if-let [cause (.getCause cause)]
(recur cause)
(defn repl-exception
"Returns CompilerExceptions in tact, but only the root cause of other
(if (instance? Compiler$CompilerException throwable)
(root-cause throwable)))
(defn repl
"Generic, reusable, read-eval-print loop. Options are sequential
keyword-value pairs. Available options and their defaults:
- :init, function of no arguments, initialization hook
default: #()
- :prompt, function of no arguments, prompts for more input
default: #(printf \"%s=> \" (ns-name *ns*))
- :flush, function of no arguments, flushes output
default: flush
- :read, function of one argument, returns the next object read from
the input, or its argument iff the input is exhausted
default: #(read *in* false %)
- :eval, funtion of one argument, returns the evaluation of its
default: eval
- :print, function of one argument, prints its argument to the output
default: prn
- :caught, function of one argument, a throwable, called when
read, eval, or print throws an exception or error
default: #(.println *err* (repl-exception %))"
[& options]
(let [{:keys [init prompt flush read eval print caught]
:or {init #()
prompt #(printf "%s=> " (ns-name *ns*))
flush flush
read #(read *in* false %)
eval eval
print prn
caught #(.println *err* (repl-exception %))}}
(apply hash-map options)
eof (Object.)]
(loop []
(= eof
(let [input (read eof)]
(if (= input eof)
(let [value (eval input)]
(print value)
(set! *3 *2)
(set! *2 *1)
(set! *1 value))))
(catch Throwable e
(caught e)
(set! *e e))))
(defn load-script
"Loads Clojure source from a file or resource given its path. Paths
beginning with @ or @/ are considered relative to classpath."
(if (.startsWith path "@")
(.substring path (if (.startsWith path "@/") 2 1)))
(Compiler/loadFile path)))
(defn- init-opt
"Load a script"
(load-script path))
(defn- eval-opt
"Eval expr, print the result if it's not nil"
(let [value (with-in-str expr (eval (read)))]
(when-not (nil? value)
(println value))))
(defn- init-dispatch
"Returns the handler associated with an init opt"
({"-i" init-opt
"--init" init-opt
"-e" eval-opt
"--eval" eval-opt} opt))
(defn- initialize
"Common initialize routine for repl, script, and null opts"
[args inits]
(in-ns 'user)
(set! *command-line-args* args)
(doseq [[opt arg] inits]
((init-dispatch opt) arg)))
(defn- repl-opt
"Start a repl with args and inits. Print greeting if no eval options were
[[_ & args] inits]
(when-not (some #(= eval-opt (init-dispatch (first %))) inits)
(println "Clojure"))
(repl :init #(initialize args inits))
(defn- script-opt
"Run a script from a file, resource, or standard in with args and inits"
[[path & args] inits]
(initialize args inits)
(if (= path "-")
(load-reader *in*)
(load-script path))))
(defn- null-opt
"No repl or script opt present, just bind nil and run inits"
[args inits]
(initialize args inits)))
(defn- help-opt
"Print help text for main"
[_ _]
"Usage: java -jar clojure.jar [option*] [arg*]
With no options or args, runs an interactive Read-Eval-Print Loop
init options:
-i, --init path Load a file or resource
-e, --eval expr Evaluate an expression and print its value if non-nil
main options:
-r, --repl Run a repl
path Run a script from from a file or resource
- Run a script from standard input
-h, -?, --help Print this help message and exit
- Establishes thread-local bindings for commonly set!-able vars
- Enters the user namespace
- Binds *command-line-args* to a seq of strings containing command line
args that appear after any main option
- Runs all init options in order
- Runs a repl or script if requested
The init options may be repeated and mixed freely, but must appear before
any main option. The appearance of any eval option before running a repl
suppresses the usual repl greeting message: \"Clojure\".
Paths may be absolute or relative in the filesystem or relative to
classpath. Classpath-relative paths have prefix of @ or @/"))
(defn- main-dispatch
"Returns the handler associated with a main option"
({"-r" repl-opt
"--repl" repl-opt
nil null-opt
"-h" help-opt
"--help" help-opt
"-?" help-opt} opt)
(defn- -main
"Flexible main for Clojure"
[& args]
(if args
(loop [[opt arg & more :as args] args inits []]
(if (init-dispatch opt)
(recur more (conj inits [opt arg]))
((main-dispatch opt) args inits)))
(repl-opt nil nil))
(catch Exception e
(.printStackTrace e *err*))
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