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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
^{:author "Chris Houser, Stuart Halloway",
:doc "Conveniently launch a sub-process providing its stdin and
collecting its stdout"}
(:use [ :only (as-file copy)])
(:import ( ByteArrayOutputStream StringWriter)
(java.nio.charset Charset)))
(def ^:dynamic *sh-dir* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *sh-env* nil)
(defmacro with-sh-dir
"Sets the directory for use with sh, see sh for details."
{:added "1.2"}
[dir & forms]
`(binding [*sh-dir* ~dir]
(defmacro with-sh-env
"Sets the environment for use with sh, see sh for details."
{:added "1.2"}
[env & forms]
`(binding [*sh-env* ~env]
(defn- aconcat
"Concatenates arrays of given type."
[type & xs]
(let [target (make-array type (apply + (map count xs)))]
(loop [i 0 idx 0]
(when-let [a (nth xs i nil)]
(System/arraycopy a 0 target idx (count a))
(recur (inc i) (+ idx (count a)))))
(defn- parse-args
(let [default-encoding "UTF-8" ;; see sh doc string
default-opts {:out-enc default-encoding :in-enc default-encoding :dir *sh-dir* :env *sh-env*}
[cmd opts] (split-with string? args)]
[cmd (merge default-opts (apply hash-map opts))]))
(defn- ^"[Ljava.lang.String;" as-env-strings
"Helper so that callers can pass a Clojure map for the :env to sh."
(nil? arg) nil
(map? arg) (into-array String (map (fn [[k v]] (str (name k) "=" v)) arg))
true arg))
(defn- stream-to-bytes
(with-open [bout (ByteArrayOutputStream.)]
(copy in bout)
(.toByteArray bout)))
(defn- stream-to-string
([in] (stream-to-string in (.name (Charset/defaultCharset))))
([in enc]
(with-open [bout (StringWriter.)]
(copy in bout :encoding enc)
(.toString bout))))
(defn- stream-to-enc
[stream enc]
(if (= enc :bytes)
(stream-to-bytes stream)
(stream-to-string stream enc)))
(defn sh
"Passes the given strings to Runtime.exec() to launch a sub-process.
Options are
:in may be given followed by any legal input source for, e.g. InputStream, Reader, File, byte[],
or String, to be fed to the sub-process's stdin.
:in-enc option may be given followed by a String, used as a character
encoding name (for example \"UTF-8\" or \"ISO-8859-1\") to
convert the input string specified by the :in option to the
sub-process's stdin. Defaults to UTF-8.
If the :in option provides a byte array, then the bytes are passed
unencoded, and this option is ignored.
:out-enc option may be given followed by :bytes or a String. If a
String is given, it will be used as a character encoding
name (for example \"UTF-8\" or \"ISO-8859-1\") to convert
the sub-process's stdout to a String which is returned.
If :bytes is given, the sub-process's stdout will be stored
in a byte array and returned. Defaults to UTF-8.
:env override the process env with a map (or the underlying Java
String[] if you are a masochist).
:dir override the process dir with a String or
You can bind :env or :dir for multiple operations using with-sh-env
and with-sh-dir.
sh returns a map of
:exit => sub-process's exit code
:out => sub-process's stdout (as byte[] or String)
:err => sub-process's stderr (String via platform default encoding)"
{:added "1.2"}
[& args]
(let [[cmd opts] (parse-args args)
proc (.exec (Runtime/getRuntime)
^"[Ljava.lang.String;" (into-array cmd)
(as-env-strings (:env opts))
(as-file (:dir opts)))
{:keys [in in-enc out-enc]} opts]
(if in
(with-open [os (.getOutputStream proc)]
(copy in os :encoding in-enc)))
(.close (.getOutputStream proc)))
(with-open [stdout (.getInputStream proc)
stderr (.getErrorStream proc)]
(let [out (future (stream-to-enc stdout out-enc))
err (future (stream-to-string stderr))
exit-code (.waitFor proc)]
{:exit exit-code :out @out :err @err}))))
(println (sh "ls" "-l"))
(println (sh "ls" "-l" "/no-such-thing"))
(println (sh "sed" "s/[aeiou]/oo/g" :in "hello there\n"))
(println (sh "sed" "s/[aeiou]/oo/g" :in ( "hello there\n")))
(println (sh "cat" :in "x\u25bax\n"))
(println (sh "echo" "x\u25bax"))
(println (sh "echo" "x\u25bax" :out-enc "ISO-8859-1")) ; reads 4 single-byte chars
(println (sh "cat" "myimage.png" :out-enc :bytes)) ; reads binary file into bytes[]
(println (sh "cmd" "/c dir 1>&2"))