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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(in-ns 'clojure.core)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; printing ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(import '( Writer))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(def ^:dynamic
^{:doc "*print-length* controls how many items of each collection the
printer will print. If it is bound to logical false, there is no
limit. Otherwise, it must be bound to an integer indicating the maximum
number of items of each collection to print. If a collection contains
more items, the printer will print items up to the limit followed by
'...' to represent the remaining items. The root binding is nil
indicating no limit."
:added "1.0"}
*print-length* nil)
(def ^:dynamic
^{:doc "*print-level* controls how many levels deep the printer will
print nested objects. If it is bound to logical false, there is no
limit. Otherwise, it must be bound to an integer indicating the maximum
level to print. Each argument to print is at level 0; if an argument is a
collection, its items are at level 1; and so on. If an object is a
collection and is at a level greater than or equal to the value bound to
*print-level*, the printer prints '#' to represent it. The root binding
is nil indicating no limit."
:added "1.0"}
*print-level* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *verbose-defrecords* false)
(def ^:dynamic
^{:doc "*print-namespace-maps* controls whether the printer will print
namespace map literal syntax. It defaults to false, but the REPL binds
to true."
:added "1.9"}
*print-namespace-maps* false)
(defn- print-sequential [^String begin, print-one, ^String sep, ^String end, sequence, ^Writer w]
(binding [*print-level* (and (not *print-dup*) *print-level* (dec *print-level*))]
(if (and *print-level* (neg? *print-level*))
(.write w "#")
(.write w begin)
(when-let [xs (seq sequence)]
(if (and (not *print-dup*) *print-length*)
(loop [[x & xs] xs
print-length *print-length*]
(if (zero? print-length)
(.write w "...")
(print-one x w)
(when xs
(.write w sep)
(recur xs (dec print-length))))))
(loop [[x & xs] xs]
(print-one x w)
(when xs
(.write w sep)
(recur xs)))))
(.write w end)))))
(defn- print-meta [o, ^Writer w]
(when-let [m (meta o)]
(when (and (pos? (count m))
(or *print-dup*
(and *print-meta* *print-readably*)))
(.write w "^")
(if (and (= (count m) 1) (:tag m))
(pr-on (:tag m) w)
(pr-on m w))
(.write w " "))))
(defn print-simple [o, ^Writer w]
(print-meta o w)
(.write w (str o)))
(defmethod print-method :default [o, ^Writer w]
(if (instance? clojure.lang.IObj o)
(print-method (vary-meta o #(dissoc % :type)) w)
(print-simple o w)))
(defmethod print-method nil [o, ^Writer w]
(.write w "nil"))
(defmethod print-dup nil [o w] (print-method o w))
(defn print-ctor [o print-args ^Writer w]
(.write w "#=(")
(.write w (.getName ^Class (class o)))
(.write w ". ")
(print-args o w)
(.write w ")"))
(defn- print-tagged-object [o rep ^Writer w]
(when (instance? clojure.lang.IMeta o)
(print-meta o w))
(.write w "#object[")
(let [c (class o)]
(if (.isArray c)
(print-method (.getName c) w)
(.write w (.getName c))))
(.write w " ")
(.write w (format "0x%x " (System/identityHashCode o)))
(print-method rep w)
(.write w "]"))
(defn- print-object [o, ^Writer w]
(print-tagged-object o (str o) w))
(defmethod print-method Object [o, ^Writer w]
(print-object o w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.Keyword [o, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str o)))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Keyword [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-method Number [o, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str o)))
(defmethod print-method Double [o, ^Writer w]
(= Double/POSITIVE_INFINITY o) (.write w "##Inf")
(= Double/NEGATIVE_INFINITY o) (.write w "##-Inf")
(.isNaN ^Double o) (.write w "##NaN")
:else (.write w (str o))))
(defmethod print-method Float [o, ^Writer w]
(= Float/POSITIVE_INFINITY o) (.write w "##Inf")
(= Float/NEGATIVE_INFINITY o) (.write w "##-Inf")
(.isNaN ^Float o) (.write w "##NaN")
:else (.write w (str o))))
(defmethod print-dup Number [o, ^Writer w]
(print-ctor o
(fn [o w]
(print-dup (str o) w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Fn [o, ^Writer w]
(print-ctor o (fn [o w]) w))
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection clojure.lang.Fn)
(prefer-method print-dup java.util.Map clojure.lang.Fn)
(prefer-method print-dup java.util.Collection clojure.lang.Fn)
(defmethod print-method Boolean [o, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str o)))
(defmethod print-dup Boolean [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.Symbol [o, ^Writer w]
(print-simple o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Symbol [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.Var [o, ^Writer w]
(print-simple o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Var [^clojure.lang.Var o, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str "#=(var " (.name (.ns o)) "/" (.sym o) ")")))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.ISeq [o, ^Writer w]
(print-meta o w)
(print-sequential "(" pr-on " " ")" o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.ISeq [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentList [o w] (print-method o w))
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.ISeq clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.ISeq clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection)
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.ISeq java.util.Collection)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.ISeq java.util.Collection)
(defmethod print-dup java.util.Collection [o, ^Writer w]
(print-ctor o #(print-sequential "[" print-dup " " "]" %1 %2) w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection [o, ^Writer w]
(print-meta o w)
(.write w "#=(")
(.write w (.getName ^Class (class o)))
(.write w "/create ")
(print-sequential "[" print-dup " " "]" o w)
(.write w ")"))
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection java.util.Collection)
(def ^{:tag String
:doc "Returns escape string for char or nil if none"
:added "1.0"}
{\newline "\\n"
\tab "\\t"
\return "\\r"
\" "\\\""
\\ "\\\\"
\formfeed "\\f"
\backspace "\\b"})
(defmethod print-method String [^String s, ^Writer w]
(if (or *print-dup* *print-readably*)
(do (.append w \")
(dotimes [n (count s)]
(let [c (.charAt s n)
e (char-escape-string c)]
(if e (.write w e) (.append w c))))
(.append w \"))
(.write w s))
(defmethod print-dup String [s w] (print-method s w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentVector [v, ^Writer w]
(print-meta v w)
(print-sequential "[" pr-on " " "]" v w))
(defn- print-prefix-map [prefix kvs print-one w]
(str prefix "{")
(fn [[k v] ^Writer w]
(do (print-one k w) (.append w \space) (print-one v w)))
", "
kvs w))
(defn- print-map [m print-one w]
(print-prefix-map nil m print-one w))
(defn- strip-ns
(if (symbol? named)
(symbol nil (name named))
(keyword nil (name named))))
(defn- lift-ns
"Returns [lifted-ns lifted-kvs] or nil if m can't be lifted."
(when *print-namespace-maps*
(loop [ns nil
[[k v :as entry] & entries] (seq m)
kvs []]
(if entry
(when (qualified-ident? k)
(if ns
(when (= ns (namespace k))
(recur ns entries (conj kvs [(strip-ns k) v])))
(when-let [new-ns (namespace k)]
(recur new-ns entries (conj kvs [(strip-ns k) v])))))
[ns kvs]))))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentMap [m, ^Writer w]
(print-meta m w)
(let [[ns lift-kvs] (lift-ns m)]
(if ns
(print-prefix-map (str "#:" ns) lift-kvs pr-on w)
(print-map m pr-on w))))
(defmethod print-dup java.util.Map [m, ^Writer w]
(print-ctor m #(print-map (seq %1) print-dup %2) w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentMap [m, ^Writer w]
(print-meta m w)
(.write w "#=(")
(.write w (.getName (class m)))
(.write w "/create ")
(print-map m print-dup w)
(.write w ")"))
;; java.util
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection java.util.Collection)
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection java.util.RandomAccess)
(prefer-method print-method java.util.RandomAccess java.util.List)
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection java.util.Map)
(defmethod print-method java.util.List [c, ^Writer w]
(if *print-readably*
(print-meta c w)
(print-sequential "(" pr-on " " ")" c w))
(print-object c w)))
(defmethod print-method java.util.RandomAccess [v, ^Writer w]
(if *print-readably*
(print-meta v w)
(print-sequential "[" pr-on " " "]" v w))
(print-object v w)))
(defmethod print-method java.util.Map [m, ^Writer w]
(if *print-readably*
(print-meta m w)
(print-map m pr-on w))
(print-object m w)))
(defmethod print-method java.util.Set [s, ^Writer w]
(if *print-readably*
(print-meta s w)
(print-sequential "#{" pr-on " " "}" (seq s) w))
(print-object s w)))
;; Records
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.IRecord [r, ^Writer w]
(print-meta r w)
(.write w "#")
(.write w (.getName (class r)))
(print-map r pr-on w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.IRecord [r, ^Writer w]
(print-meta r w)
(.write w "#")
(.write w (.getName (class r)))
(if *verbose-defrecords*
(print-map r print-dup w)
(print-sequential "[" pr-on ", " "]" (vals r) w)))
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.IRecord java.util.Map)
(prefer-method print-method clojure.lang.IRecord clojure.lang.IPersistentMap)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IRecord clojure.lang.IPersistentMap)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection java.util.Map)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IRecord clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection)
(prefer-method print-dup clojure.lang.IRecord java.util.Map)
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.IPersistentSet [s, ^Writer w]
(print-meta s w)
(print-sequential "#{" pr-on " " "}" (seq s) w))
(def ^{:tag String
:doc "Returns name string for char or nil if none"
:added "1.0"}
{\newline "newline"
\tab "tab"
\space "space"
\backspace "backspace"
\formfeed "formfeed"
\return "return"})
(defmethod print-method java.lang.Character [^Character c, ^Writer w]
(if (or *print-dup* *print-readably*)
(do (.append w \\)
(let [n (char-name-string c)]
(if n (.write w n) (.append w c))))
(.append w c))
(defmethod print-dup java.lang.Character [c w] (print-method c w))
(defmethod print-dup java.lang.Long [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup java.lang.Double [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Ratio [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup java.math.BigDecimal [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.BigInt [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.PersistentVector [o w] (print-method o w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.LazilyPersistentVector [o w] (print-method o w))
(def primitives-classnames
{Float/TYPE "Float/TYPE"
Integer/TYPE "Integer/TYPE"
Long/TYPE "Long/TYPE"
Boolean/TYPE "Boolean/TYPE"
Character/TYPE "Character/TYPE"
Double/TYPE "Double/TYPE"
Byte/TYPE "Byte/TYPE"
Short/TYPE "Short/TYPE"})
(defmethod print-method Class [^Class c, ^Writer w]
(.write w (.getName c)))
(defmethod print-dup Class [^Class c, ^Writer w]
(.isPrimitive c) (do
(.write w "#=(identity ")
(.write w ^String (primitives-classnames c))
(.write w ")"))
(.isArray c) (do
(.write w "#=(java.lang.Class/forName \"")
(.write w (.getName c))
(.write w "\")"))
:else (do
(.write w "#=")
(.write w (.getName c)))))
(defmethod print-method java.math.BigDecimal [b, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str b))
(.write w "M"))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.BigInt [b, ^Writer w]
(.write w (str b))
(.write w "N"))
(defmethod print-method java.util.regex.Pattern [p ^Writer w]
(.write w "#\"")
(loop [[^Character c & r :as s] (seq (.pattern ^java.util.regex.Pattern p))
qmode false]
(when s
(= c \\) (let [[^Character c2 & r2] r]
(.append w \\)
(.append w c2)
(if qmode
(recur r2 (not= c2 \E))
(recur r2 (= c2 \Q))))
(= c \") (do
(if qmode
(.write w "\\E\\\"\\Q")
(.write w "\\\""))
(recur r qmode))
:else (do
(.append w c)
(recur r qmode)))))
(.append w \"))
(defmethod print-dup java.util.regex.Pattern [p ^Writer w] (print-method p w))
(defmethod print-dup clojure.lang.Namespace [^clojure.lang.Namespace n ^Writer w]
(.write w "#=(find-ns ")
(print-dup (.name n) w)
(.write w ")"))
(defn- deref-as-map [^clojure.lang.IDeref o]
(let [pending (and (instance? clojure.lang.IPending o)
(not (.isRealized ^clojure.lang.IPending o)))
[ex val]
(when-not pending
(try [false (deref o)]
(catch Throwable e
[true e])))]
(or ex
(and (instance? clojure.lang.Agent o)
(agent-error o)))
:val val}))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.IDeref [o ^Writer w]
(print-tagged-object o (deref-as-map o) w))
(defmethod print-method StackTraceElement [^StackTraceElement o ^Writer w]
(print-method [(symbol (.getClassName o)) (symbol (.getMethodName o)) (.getFileName o) (.getLineNumber o)] w))
(defn StackTraceElement->vec
"Constructs a data representation for a StackTraceElement: [class method file line]"
{:added "1.9"}
[^StackTraceElement o]
[(symbol (.getClassName o)) (symbol (.getMethodName o)) (.getFileName o) (.getLineNumber o)])
(defn Throwable->map
"Constructs a data representation for a Throwable with keys:
:cause - root cause message
:phase - error phase
:via - cause chain, with cause keys:
:type - exception class symbol
:message - exception message
:data - ex-data
:at - top stack element
:trace - root cause stack elements"
{:added "1.7"}
[^Throwable o]
(let [base (fn [^Throwable t]
(merge {:type (symbol (.getName (class t)))}
(when-let [msg (.getLocalizedMessage t)]
{:message msg})
(when-let [ed (ex-data t)]
{:data ed})
(let [st (.getStackTrace t)]
(when (pos? (alength st))
{:at (StackTraceElement->vec (aget st 0))}))))
via (loop [via [], ^Throwable t o]
(if t
(recur (conj via t) (.getCause t))
^Throwable root (peek via)]
(merge {:via (vec (map base via))
:trace (vec (map StackTraceElement->vec
(.getStackTrace ^Throwable (or root o))))}
(when-let [root-msg (.getLocalizedMessage root)]
{:cause root-msg})
(when-let [data (ex-data root)]
{:data data})
(when-let [phase (-> o ex-data :clojure.error/phase)]
{:phase phase}))))
(defn- print-throwable [^Throwable o ^Writer w]
(.write w "#error {\n :cause ")
(let [{:keys [cause data via trace]} (Throwable->map o)
print-via #(do (.write w "{:type ")
(print-method (:type %) w)
(.write w "\n :message ")
(print-method (:message %) w)
(when-let [data (:data %)]
(.write w "\n :data ")
(print-method data w))
(when-let [at (:at %)]
(.write w "\n :at ")
(print-method (:at %) w))
(.write w "}"))]
(print-method cause w)
(when data
(.write w "\n :data ")
(print-method data w))
(when via
(.write w "\n :via\n [")
(when-let [fv (first via)]
(print-via fv)
(doseq [v (rest via)]
(.write w "\n ")
(print-via v)))
(.write w "]"))
(when trace
(.write w "\n :trace\n [")
(when-let [ft (first trace)]
(print-method ft w)
(doseq [t (rest trace)]
(.write w "\n ")
(print-method t w)))
(.write w "]")))
(.write w "}"))
(defmethod print-method Throwable [^Throwable o ^Writer w]
(print-throwable o w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.TaggedLiteral [o ^Writer w]
(.write w "#")
(print-method (:tag o) w)
(.write w " ")
(print-method (:form o) w))
(defmethod print-method clojure.lang.ReaderConditional [o ^Writer w]
(.write w "#?")
(when (:splicing? o) (.write w "@"))
(print-method (:form o) w))
(def ^{:private true} print-initialized true)
(defn ^ PrintWriter-on
"implements given flush-fn, which will be called
when .flush() is called, with a string built up since the last call to .flush().
if not nil, close-fn will be called with no arguments when .close is called"
{:added "1.10"}
[flush-fn close-fn]
(let [sb (StringBuilder.)]
(-> (proxy [Writer] []
(flush []
(when (pos? (.length sb))
(flush-fn (.toString sb)))
(.setLength sb 0))
(close []
(.flush ^Writer this)
(when close-fn (close-fn))
(write [str-cbuf off len]
(when (pos? len)
(if (instance? String str-cbuf)
(.append sb ^String str-cbuf ^int off ^int len)
(.append sb ^chars str-cbuf ^int off ^int len)))))