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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
; Author: Frantisek Sodomka
(ns clojure.test-clojure.compilation
(:import (clojure.lang Compiler Compiler$CompilerException))
(:use clojure.test
[clojure.test-helper :only (should-not-reflect should-print-err-message)]))
; compile
; gen-class, gen-interface
(deftest test-compiler-metadata
(let [m (meta #'when)]
(are [x y] (= x y)
(list? (:arglists m)) true
(> (count (:arglists m)) 0) true
(string? (:doc m)) true
(> (.length (:doc m)) 0) true
(string? (:file m)) true
(> (.length (:file m)) 0) true
(integer? (:line m)) true
(> (:line m) 0) true
(:macro m) true
(:name m) 'when )))
(deftest test-embedded-constants
(testing "Embedded constants"
(is (eval `(= Boolean/TYPE ~Boolean/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Byte/TYPE ~Byte/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Character/TYPE ~Character/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Double/TYPE ~Double/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Float/TYPE ~Float/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Integer/TYPE ~Integer/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Long/TYPE ~Long/TYPE)))
(is (eval `(= Short/TYPE ~Short/TYPE)))))
(deftest test-compiler-resolution
(testing "resolve nonexistent class create should return nil (assembla #262)"
(is (nil? (resolve 'NonExistentClass.)))))
(deftest test-no-recur-across-try
(testing "don't recur to function from inside try"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(fn [x] (try (recur 1)))))))
(testing "don't recur to loop from inside try"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(loop [x 5]
(try (recur 1)))))))
(testing "don't recur to loop from inside of catch inside of try"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(loop [x 5]
(catch Exception e
(recur 1))))))))
(testing "don't recur to loop from inside of finally inside of try"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(loop [x 5]
(recur 1))))))))
(testing "don't get confused about what the recur is targeting"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(loop [x 5]
(try (fn [x]) (recur 1)))))))
(testing "don't allow recur across binding"
(is (thrown? Compiler$CompilerException
(eval '(fn [x] (binding [+ *] (recur 1)))))))
(testing "allow loop/recur inside try"
(is (= 0 (eval '(try (loop [x 3]
(if (zero? x) x (recur (dec x)))))))))
(testing "allow loop/recur fully inside catch"
(is (= 3 (eval '(try
(throw (Exception.))
(catch Exception e
(loop [x 0]
(if (< x 3) (recur (inc x)) x))))))))
(testing "allow loop/recur fully inside finally"
(is (= "012" (eval '(with-out-str
(finally (loop [x 0]
(when (< x 3)
(print x)
(recur (inc x)))))))))))
(testing "allow fn/recur inside try"
(is (= 0 (eval '(try
((fn [x]
(if (zero? x)
(recur (dec x))))
;; disabled until build box can call java from mvn
#_(deftest test-numeric-dispatch
(is (= "(int, int)" (TestDispatch/someMethod (int 1) (int 1))))
(is (= "(int, long)" (TestDispatch/someMethod (int 1) (long 1))))
(is (= "(long, long)" (TestDispatch/someMethod (long 1) (long 1)))))
(deftest test-CLJ-671-regression
(testing "that the presence of hints does not cause the compiler to infinitely loop"
(letfn [(gcd [x y]
(loop [x (long x) y (long y)]
(if (== y 0)
(recur y ^Long(rem x y)))))]
(is (= 4 (gcd 8 100))))))
;; ensure proper use of hints / type decls
(defn hinted
(^String [])
(^Integer [a])
(^java.util.List [a & args]))
;; fn names need to be fully-qualified because should-not-reflect evals its arg in a throwaway namespace
(deftest recognize-hinted-arg-vector
(should-not-reflect #(.substring (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinted) 0))
(should-not-reflect #(.floatValue (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinted "arg")))
(should-not-reflect #(.size (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinted :many :rest :args :here))))
(defn ^String hinting-conflict ^Integer [])
(deftest calls-use-arg-vector-hint
(should-not-reflect #(.floatValue (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinting-conflict)))
(should-print-err-message #"(?s)Reflection warning.*"
#(.substring (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinting-conflict) 0)))
(deftest deref-uses-var-tag
(should-not-reflect #(.substring clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinting-conflict 0))
(should-print-err-message #"(?s)Reflection warning.*"
#(.floatValue clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hinting-conflict)))
(defn ^String legacy-hinting [])
(deftest legacy-call-hint
(should-not-reflect #(.substring (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/legacy-hinting) 0)))
(defprotocol HintedProtocol
(hintedp ^String [a]
^Integer [a b]))
(deftest hinted-protocol-arg-vector
(should-not-reflect #(.substring (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hintedp "") 0))
(should-not-reflect #(.floatValue (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/hintedp :a :b))))
(defn primfn
(^long [])
(^double [a]))
(deftest primitive-return-decl
(should-not-reflect #(loop [k 5] (recur (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/primfn))))
(should-not-reflect #(loop [k 5.0] (recur (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/primfn 0))))
(should-print-err-message #"(?s).*k is not matching primitive.*"
#(loop [k (clojure.test-clojure.compilation/primfn)] (recur :foo))))
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