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@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
2.9 clojure.string/replace and replace-first handle special characters more predictably
2.10 Set and map constructor functions allow duplicates
2.11 More functions preserve metadata
+ 2.12 New edn reader, improvements to *read-eval*
3 Performance Enhancements
4 Improved error messages
5 Improved documentation strings
@@ -324,6 +325,19 @@ Now the functions `into`, `select-keys`, `clojure.set/project`, and
`clojure.set/rename` return collections with the same metadata as
their input collections.
+### 2.12 New edn reader, improvements to *real-eval*
+The new clojure.edn namespace reads edn ( data,
+and should be used for reading data from untrusted sources.
+Clojure's core read* functions can evaluate code, and should not be
+used to read data from untrusted sources. As of 1.5, *read-eval*
+supports a documented set of thread-local bindings, see the doc string
+for details.
+*read-eval*'s default can be set to false by setting a system property:
## 3 Performance Enhancements

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